KBD Tower

Why KBD Tower?

KBD Tower is a magnificent project for offices. It comprises all the amenities that are required for an office built on international standards. KBD Tower is located in a high-end residential society. It will be located in The Core of Eighteen. The Core will be the hub of all the commercial activities.

The offices in the heart of such a high-end society surely reflect the standard of the company. It is also a golden opportunity to invest in such offices because it will be a gateway for the residents of Eighteen and people of twin cities. This location will also provide a great chance for people who have international clients. Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) or Managing Directors (MDs) can even set the head offices of their branches in this society.

Prime Location:

As KBD Tower is located in a society that will be built on only 16% of the total land so, it will also provide its employees a serene view which will not only make them fresh but it will also make them more creative. It will also make the employers more comfortable and provide them ease in creating a standard office environment. Such environments are no doubt capable of increasing the productivity and creativity within the employees as well as employers.


Getting an office on the main Srinagar highway also makes it easily accessible through any area of twin cities. It is in the mid of both cities so it will be easily assessible. In addition, having a working place on a highway, also means that there will be no traffic jam. People can reach there without getting stuck in the traffic on daily basis.

KBD Tower will be the tallest building in Eighteen which will comprise only of the corporate offices from 1st to 9th floor. This shows that there will be no other interference. This whole tower will be the hub of corporate and commercial activities. Working in such an environment also helps in enhancing contacts as these 9 floors will not confine to any specific field like a technology park, a commerce platform, etc.

KBD Tower will be one of the best spots to live and experience an international standard environment of offices. This will be highly professional. Eighteen will be a place comprising all the amenities from educational institutes to offices.



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