Complete guide about property taxes in Pakistan. How to calculate?

Property tax is a provincial tax imposed on annual rental value. It is based on urban immovable property tax Acts. In every province, tax rates are different. Further, we can say that it is a flat rate or a percentage

Capital Smart City Interchange

Capital Smart City is a hot topic when it comes to the sector of real estate. This city comprises unlimited amenities and based completely on the Internet of Things (IoT). The plus point about this project is that its developers

Districts of Capital Smart City

Districts of Capital Smart City: Capital Smart City is a futuristic place with an up to date and contemporary technology. It has such features that no other city in Pakistan has. This is Pakistan’s first and world’s 23rd smart city.

Capital Smart City Overview

Capital Smart City is Pakistan’s first ever smart city. It is 23rd smart city of the world. In particular, Capital Smart City envisions to become the most appealing Real Estate development in the twin cities. It is a proud project