Cosmic One

Cosmic One

Cosmic One is designed with the vision of creating and offering an exceptional commercial and residential building situated in Rawalpindi. It not only promotes the growth of small and medium enterprises but also addresses the housing sector’s demands by offering affordable residential apartments to its residents.

Commercial Building:

Commercial buildings are key drivers of regional economic diversification, reshaping the real estate landscape and boosting trade, sales, and purchases. The presence of tall skyscrapers signals substantial business potential and concurrent growth.

Another significant feature of commercial buildings is that they provide large places for small and medium-sized businesses so that they can operate, develop, and grow their company potential while earning a decent living for their family.

Developers and Owners

Cosmic One was developed by Mr. Attiq-ur-Rehman. Cosmic Constructions International was founded in 2005 with the ambitious goal of revolutionizing urban environments via imaginative design and construction. They have shifted from traditional bids to private commercial partnerships with a strong portfolio of over 30 diverse projects. Throughout this journey, they have steadfastly upheld their dedication to delivering outstanding excellence.

NOC Approved

Investors are attracted to legally approved developments because they provide significant investment possibilities and expansion opportunities. The Cosmic One is NOC-approved by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA).

Ideal Location

Cosmic One is strategically positioned at the intersection of Rawalpindi’s National Market and 4th B Road, making it a central hub for both businesses and residents.

Access Points

The Cosmic One boasts an advantageous location that facilitates easy access to a variety of nearby routes. This tower provides convenient access to the following points:

1 Kilometers Away:

  • Saidpur Road (600m)
  • Chandni Chowk (700m)
  • Commercial Market (850m)
  • Asghar Mall Scheme (700m)

Few Kilometers Away:

  • Zero Point (8.9km)
  • Srinagar Highway (11.8km)
  • Islamabad Expressway (6km)
  • Kacheri Chowk, Rawalpindi (7.9km)
Cosmic One Accessible Routes

Payment Plans of Cosmic One

Cosmic One Lower Ground Floor Payment Plan

Cosmic One Ground Floor Payment Plan

Cosmic One 1st Floor Payment Plan

Cosmic One 2nd Floor Payment Plan

Cosmic One 3rd Floor Payment Plan

Cosmic One 4th Floor Payment Plan

Cosmic One 5th Floor Payment Plan

Cosmic One 6th Floor Payment Plan

Cosmic One 7th Floor Payment Plan

Cosmic One 8th Floor Payment Plan

Amenities and Facilities

While the majority of modern structures typically feature attractive and futuristic designs. It is usually preferable to be aware of the amenities and features of the lodging we are about to book. The Cosmic One is being furnished with all of the most cutting-edge amenities and features available today.

Passenger Lifts

Passenger Lifts

Experience comfort and sophistication as you ride to your destination in the sleek and fast passenger lifts.
High-Speed Elevators

High-Speed Elevators

The high-speed elevators offer the fastest and smoothest route to your destination, helping you reach your goals quickly and effortlessly.
CCTV Surveillance

CCTV Surveillance

Enjoy peace of mind as the vigilant CCTV surveillance system maintains a constant watch over your safety and security, 24/7.
Backup Generators

Backup Generators

With backup generators in operation, they guarantee that your work, daily life, and comfort remain uninterrupted even during power outages.
Fire Fighting System

Fire Fighting System

The advanced firefighting system is always prepared to eliminate any potential threats, ensuring your safety and providing you with peace of mind.
High-Speed Internet Access

High-Speed Internet Access

With high-speed internet access, you can stay connected at all times and stay ahead in the modern digital world.
Shared Conferences Rooms

Shared Conferences Rooms

Its shared conference rooms offer the perfect environment for effective meetings, allowing your ideas to shine.
Natural Gas Accessibility

Natural Gas Accessibility

Enjoy the convenience of having natural gas readily available within the building. At Cosmic One, we place a high value on your comfort and quality of living.
Elevated Dining Experience

Elevated Dining Experience

Treat yourself to gourmet cuisine with sweeping vistas at our exclusive rooftop restaurant. Whether it's a romantic evening or a relaxed brunch, relish delectable dishes while taking in the stunning scenery, elevating every dining occasion.
Convenient Parking and Transportation Access

Convenient Parking and Transportation Access

Experience effortless daily commutes with convenient parking and transportation options readily available, simplifying your journey.

Booking Procedure

Our booking procedure at Cosmic One involves the following steps:

  1. Photograph of the primary applicant
  2. Primary applicant’s ID card or passport
  3. Photograph of the nominee
  4. Nominee’s ID card or passport

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Cosmic One is strategically located at the intersection of Rawalpindi's National Market and 4th B Road.

The Cosmic One is ideally located because it makes a central hub for both businesses and residents.

The Cosmic One consists of 8 floors. Including
Commercial Outlets, Luxury Apartments and Corporate Offices


In conclusion, Cosmic One is a visionary project that reimagines Rawalpindi’s urban landscape by fusing luxury and functionality to set new benchmarks for the growth of the city. It stands for the peaceful coexistence of modernity and is designed to become a symbol of premium urban living and business. Our emphasis on quality, innovation, and sustainability drives us to go above and beyond expectations with a steadfast dedication to enhancing the lives of our citizens and business partners.