The Amaar Lodges

The Amaar Lodges

The Amaar Lodges is a luxurious residential project that aims to provide an extremely lavish environment for the people. It is located in Murree among various heart-touching hills. These hills provide spectacular views as well as refresh the tourist’s mind. It is known to be all in one package in accordance with modern facilities for the people who want to live a happy life with all comforts.

Developers and Owners

Amaar Lodges was developed by M.R.N Construction LLP. They are well-known for managing and developing real estate. They successfully delivered multiple projects in Murree and Rawalpindi. Due to their extensive experience in the industry, they are experts in real estate development in Pakistan.
Additionally, they have background experience in sales, property management, development, and architecture. Further, they are highly competent in any aspect of real estate.

the amaar lodges Developers & Owners

Developmental Projects

Following are some of their great projects:

  • Mayfair Hotel Murree, Mall Road
  • RN Tower, Chakri Road, Rawalpindi
  • Maryam Green City, Adyala Road, Rawalpindi
  • Capital Homes, Chakri, Rawalpindi

NOC Approved

Legal societies have more investment potential and growth because investors attract them at a very large scale. Amaar Lodges Murree is NOC-approved by the Capital Development Authority (CDA).

the amaar lodges NOC Approved

The Amaar Lodges Ideal Location & Map

Amaar Lodges is ideally located in a prime location in Murree. It is strategically situated near approximately 900 meters away from an expressway. The main location of Amaar Lodges is at Shawala Road which is also known as Misriari Link. This Road connects various points of Murree such as Lawrence College Road, Kashmir Point, and Mall Road.

The location map of Amaar Lodges Murree is given below, if you need to check every aspect in detail check it out.

the amaar lodges Ideal Location
Accessibility Routes

Accessibility Routes

The Amaar Lodges are ideally located which is advantageous for the accessibility of various nearby routes. The following points are easily accessible through the Amaar Lodges:

  • Food Street is 4 km away
  • Mall Road is 3.5 km away
  • Patriata Cut is 12 km away
  • Lower Topa is 10 km away
  • Islamabad is 40 km away

Total Land

The information about the total land is essential to know while you are investing. The total land of the Amaar Lodges project is 2.5 Kanal.

The Amaar Lodges Designers

The designer of this project is Blue Arc. They are innovators in architecture and design with headquarters in Islamabad, Pakistan. In the twin cities, Blue Arc provided excellent services to its clients. They have created lovely homes in addition to other outstanding undertakings. Blue Arc is presently offering its top-notch services at Amaar Lodges with such a remarkable track record. Additionally, they are investing all of their creativity and ideas into this project in order to produce the breathtaking Amaar Lodges as the final outcome.

Construction Renovation

The owners of this project were granted to deliver a modern and facilitated infrastructure to their clients with effective team management. Their highly skilled staff members are working hard to provide the best. The main services offered by Amaar Lodges include:

  1. A RCC structure with beams and pillars.
  2. The framework of the building is designed to withstand earthquakes with a Richter scale of up to 9.
  3. The developers are using 60-grade steel that has been approved by Pakistan Standards.
  4. The structure of this building can withstand winds of up to 150 km/h.
  5. This project makes use of premium cement that has received Pakistan Standards approval.
  6. It will feature infrastructure and electrical wires of the highest class.
  7. The infrastructure will only use the best pipes.

The Amaar Lodges Floor Plan

The Amaar Lodges’ floor plan ranges from the third level to the lower ground tenth floor. It has a total of 14 floors. This building has one floor for commercial property and thirteen floors for residential use. All of these floors are divided into three types of apartments. These apartments are extraordinarily luxurious with wide balconies, amazing views, large TV lounges, American-style kitchens, lavish bedrooms, attached bathrooms, and much more. Following are those three types of living apartments in Amaar Lodges:

Studio Apartments:

The studio apartment of Amaar Lodges comprises one bedroom, an attached bathroom, and an open kitchen.

1 Bedroom Apartment:

One-bedroom apartment of Amaar Lodges consists of one bedroom with an attached bathroom, TV lounge, an open kitchen, dining, and a balcony.

2 Bedroom Apartment:

The two-bedroom apartment of this project is of 2 bedrooms with attached bathrooms, a spacious TV lounge, a kitchen, and a balcony open to the sky with a breathtaking view. The location and amenities of this project give a serene environment to its residents. Moreover, the developers of this project offer the residents to stay 23 days here, and for the rest of the time they can rent it out.
1st Floor Layout Plan

2nd Floor Layout Plan

LG 1st Floor Layout Plan

LG 2nd Floor Layout Plan

LG 3rd Floor Layout Plan

LG 4th Floor Layout Plan

LG 5th Floor Layout Plan

LG 6th Floor Layout Plan

LG 7th Floor Layout Plan

LG 8th Floor Layout Plan

LG 9th Floor Layout Plan

LG 10th Floor Layout Plan

The Amaar Lodges Payment Plan

The payment plan of Amaar Lodges varies according to the views and bedroom capacity. The payment plan for the rooms with 180 degrees, and the panoramic view starts from RS 14500 per sqft. The rooms with a single view (be it on the left, right, or front), start from RS 13500 per sqft. Whereas the prices of apartments on the back start from RS 12000 per sqft. The plus point of investing in this project is that you will have to pay only for the net area. Unlike others, the developers of this project are not demanding any payment for the gross area.

Another good point of investing in this project is that you will not have to take care of it like your other investments. The developers will take care of the utility bills, renting out, marketing, etc. Also, you can live here for 24 days free of cost and enjoy all its amenities.

The developers will sign a contract with you of 60% and 40%. The rental income from the project will be divided into 60% and 40%. 60% will be given to the customers as the owners of the apartment and 40% will be given to the developers who will cover all the maintenance and renovation. The developers will take care of all the things associated with this project. According to the rough estimate, these apartments will generate at least 2% of revenue. The developers are having an estimate to have more than that but the minimum will be 2%.

Return on Investment

The following return on investment is managed by the Rental Management Board and Dedicated Software for clients.

  • Monthly Rental Return (Peak Season): 6 Lacs to 12 Lacs per month
  • Monthly Rental Return (Off-Season): 4 Lacs to 8 Lacs per month
1st Floor

2nd Floor

LG-1st Floor

LG-2nd Floor

LG-3rd Floor

LG-4th Floor

LG-5th Floor

LG-6th Floor

LG-7th Floor

LG-8th Floor

LG-9th Floor

LG-10th Floor

Why we choose The Amaar Lodges?

Amaar Lodges is a perfect blend of natural beauty and modern comfort in order to provide a peaceful environment. It is a desirable place for the ones who want to spend their time with beautiful nature. It is thoughtfully designed dwellings offering breathtaking vistas and providing a connection towards vicinity lands.

The following are the main facts to be considered in choosing Amaar Lodges:

  • It is located in Murree near PC Bhurban.
  • It provides spectacular views and serene surroundings of Murree’s hills.
  • This project is done by an innovative team of architects and designers.
  • It offers a sustainable infrastructure, energy-efficient systems, and waste management solutions.
  • An Annual footfall of approximately 12-15 Million tourists.
  • It provides lush green, pristine white, and picturesque landscapes.

Amenities and Facilities

Amenities and facilities are the essential requirements of every resident and tourist. Amaar Lodges offers luxurious amenities and facilities that make it an ideal choice for tourists.

Modern Infrastructure

One of the most amazing aspects of Amaar Lodges is its modern infrastructure. It is well designed by professional architects to fulfill the requirements of the people who want to spend their time in the beauty of nature. Additionally, the design offers breathtaking views and an elegant look.

First Aid Facility

First aid is the most basic need for every person. This project offers first aid facilities to the residents at the time of need.

Ventilation System

As the infrastructure of this project is modernized from every aspect, the ventilation system is added to provide a good and breathtaking environment for the comfort of their residents.

CCTV Surveillance

The Project plans include a highly equipped CCTV camera setup with 24/7 Monitoring. Furthermore, a high-end Security company will also be supervising the whole area for the safe and sound stay of the guests.

Valet Service

Valet Services are also very important for the valuable guests staying there. The hospitality will make you feel like your own home during your stay at Amaar Lodges.

Spacious Cargo Lifts

Since it’s a multi-story building lifts must be working at a higher speed. The Floor Plan includes two separate lifts. One will be specified for Cargo and the other for the visitors and staff.

Ample Parking

Parking is also one of the major issues that people face during traveling to hill stations like Murree. Amaar Lodges presents you with ample space for parking. So let’s enjoy the stay.

24/7 Security

A high-end Security company 24/7 will also be supervising the whole area for the safe and sound stay of the guests.

Fire Fighting System

Amaar Lodges also holds a strong plan to install a Fire fighting system. This will include a fire extinguisher in each room with imported sensors. While there will be a fire-fighting Vehicle available as well.

Earthquake Resilient Structure

The structure of the building is designed in a way that it can withstand earthquakes up to 9 on the Richter scale.

Hot and Cold Water Supply

In this residence, there is a facility for providing hot water through geysers in winter and cold water in summer for the comfort of the guests.

The Amaar Lodges Booking Procedure

Following is the booking plan of Amaar Lodges:

  • Picture of the Main applicant
  • ID Card or Passport of the Main applicant
  • Picture of Nominee
  • ID Card or Passport of Nominee

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Amaar lodges Booking procedure


Amaar Lodges in Murree is the ideal location for those looking for a peaceful environment in the midst of nature. It has everything you need for a pleasant vacation, including an amazing location, cozy lodging, delicious meals, and friendly service. Additionally, Murree’s nearby attractions guarantee that your trip will be full of exploration and adventure.