Nova City Islamabad

Nova City Islamabad

Real estate investment is a popular activity in Islamabad, where the twin cities are home to many investors. As a result of its popularity and high investment rate, it has also expanded to other cities. Aside from its strategic location, Nova City Islamabad’s contemporary infrastructure and state-of-the-art technologies are the primary reasons for its attraction. Nova City Islamabad currently has affordable plots for sale. This increase is being fueled by the rising popularity and demand for real estate. Nova City Islamabad is attracting investors for both residential and commercial purposes. Investing in Nova City Islamabad is also open to people of all income levels. Luxury house development Nova City Islamabad, which provides an unrivalled living experience, may provide a significant return on investment for people of all professions. It’s shaping out to be one of Islamabad’s greatest housing complexes, and that’s only the beginning.

The Project's Roadmap

The creators of Nova City Islamabad want to build a society that is both technologically sophisticated and considerate of the environment. Nova City Islamabad also plans to compete with the Twin Cities’ other megaprojects. <strong>Nova City Islamabad’s master plan</strong> has a single objective. While respecting the area’s natural beauty, our objective is to build the most up-to-date houses and commercial investment buildings.

A comfortable and contemporary way of life is being created, so architects and other technical professionals are developing the infrastructure that developers have promised excellent returns on investment. It also promotes environmental stewardship and sustainability, on the other side, in this lifestyle. In addition, a group of the brightest and greatest has developed. It is essential that everyone have the opportunity to live in a beautiful and welcoming environment. When Nova City Islamabad first placed <strong>residential plots</strong> on the market, there was a huge response. <strong>Commercial plot</strong> developers, on the other hand, are witnessing a surge of demand shortly after launching their products.

In addition, Nova City Islamabad is one of Pakistan’s biggest investment societies, with an area of 10,000 Kanal, making it the country’s largest in terms of size. Nova City Islamabad will have state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure, as well as breathtaking scenery.

Why To Invest In Nova City Islamabad

Property investors in Pakistan are lured to Nova City Islamabad because this investment society provides the best potential for investment. In addition, the location of Nova City Islamabad makes it even more desirable. In addition, Rawalpindi and Islamabad, Pakistan’s two largest cities, are also within easy driving distance. With the same infrastructure in place, this one will also have a modern development plan. In contrast, NCI intends to confront the megaprojects in the neighbourhood.

Location of Nova City Islamabad

Located midway between Rawalpindi and Islamabad, Nova City Islamabad is excellent. Rawalpindi Ring Road is just a few kilometers from the house. There are many factors that make Nova City Islamabad appealing to Pakistani property investors. CPEC and Nova City Islamabad are located on the same side of the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. Located between Rawalpindi and Islamabad, the location of NCI is convenient and easy to go about. To go to Sapial Dam and other nearby waterways like Kasana and Rama Dam, it’s an easy drive from NCI. Pakistan’s two largest cities, Rawalpindi and Islamabad, are both within easy reach. Because it’s so close to the highway, it’s easy to go to other cities as a bonus. For these reasons, NCI attracts investors and residents alike.

Nova City Islamabad and its many roots are easily <strong>accessible</strong> through the following routes:


Specifications of Nova City Islamabad

People may choose from a variety of blocks in Nova City Islamabad based on their needs. These structures’ design and locations may differ, but the services and amenities they provide are the same in each one. Let me clarify what Nova City Islamabad consists of: a wide variety of blocks.

In Islamabad's Nova City, the E-Sports Block

One of the most unique and well-known building types in NCI is e-sports. Sporting events are included in the package as well. Everything you need to have a healthy and active lifestyle may be found in this facility. Investors and residents alike may enjoy a healthy and peaceful lifestyle in these properties. In these blocks, you’ll find houses ranging in size from 8 Marla up to 14 Marla.

Nova City Islamabad's Pueblo Block

Following the success of General and Esportes Block, Nova City Islamabad has lately added Pueblo Block. 3.5 marla residential plots, 4 marla commercial plots, and 8 marla commercial plots are available in Pueblo on a four-year easy payment plan at an affordable price. Nova City’s intrinsic traits and palpable history have swiftly made it a popular destination. Additionally, society has been putting forth a lot of effort into developing new blocks. Because of this, we can expect Nova City to meet its stated deadlines.

When Nova City saw the growing demand for 3.5 Marla plots in the real estate market, they created Pueblo Block to meet that need. To meet the needs of modest investors and those who can’t afford bigger plots, this block has been constructed. Additionally, in NCI, Pueblo Block is projected to include commercial and residential properties, indicating that it is an all-encompassing development project.

Housing Complex: The Nova City Islamabad

The fundamental purpose of NCI is to provide a pleasant living environment for its residents. As a result, the development has been broken up into a number of individual blocks, each of which has a varied number of residential lots. There are a variety of sizes for residential blocks, ranging from 5 Marla (125 square yards) to 1 Kanal (240 square feet) (500 square yards).

Islamabad's Nova City has a commercial block.

In Nova City Islamabad, there are a wide variety of business plots, all of which provide a good return on investment. Pakistani real estate investors may now invest in commercial sites. The Nova City Islamabad payment plan offers plots of four and eight marlas available for purchase. The precise pricing will be made public after the opening of NCI to the general audience. Plots in the newly launched phase of NCI are now available for purchase at a lower price than in previous phases. These venues provide a wide range of fantastic amenities and features.

Payment Plans

  • Monthly, quarterly, bi-annually plans.
  • 10% discount if all paid in lump-sum.
  • 5% discount on 50% down payment.

Nova City Islamabad offers the best rates in town to serve every segment of the society. For booking confirmation, 10% of the total amount is to be paid as down payment. Similarly, 10% of confirmation charges are to be paid within the first 45 days of initial payment. Although, If the buyer is unable to make the confirmation payment, the booking of the plot can be subject to cancellation. Accordingly, only 75% of the principal amount will be paid back.

Furthermore, the total price of the plots in Nova one can be paid in 40 easy installments which means that individuals can easily afford this property.

The Nova City Payment Plan of different plot categories is given below:


Years Easy Installment Plan


Years Installment Plan





Online Booking Process

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Developers of Nova City Islamabad

Soon after Nova City Islamabad began operations, it received nothing but glowing reviews. This is due to two factors: To begin, Nova Developers also owns the city of Islamabad, which they built. Primarily, the Nova group’s infrastructure was constructed utilizing cutting-edge development approaches and is of the utmost quality. The Nova developers’ objective is to provide people the option to invest in different places around the country.

In addition to high-quality construction projects, Nova developers have also been engaged in the creation of Nova City Schools. These organizations are built on a foundation of new ideas and cutting-edge technology. These institutions will be part of Nova City as well. Additionally, a new building in Lahore known as Nova One is predicted to be a huge success in the real estate investment market. Nova City Peshawar on the other hand has the NOC and its developers working feverishly to construct that civilization as quickly as they can.

No Objection Certificate (NOC)

Once the NOC has been granted by the competent authority, Nova City has gone into full advertising mode. Furthermore, a NOC is essential for any kind of investing society. As with Nova City Peshawar as well as Nova One, the team behind Nova City Islamabad got NOC in their hands now due to the team’ hard at work that’s why they meet all of the requirements necessary to get the NOC.

Amenities & Infrastructure

Features Detail

Nova City Facilities & Amenities


Shopping District

The shopping district includes commercial areas with shopping malls and food courts for the residents.


Birds Aviary

Nova City includes a massive bird aviary like any nonother in Pakistan which will include almost all the species of local and imported birds for kids and as well as adults to interact with nature.



Animals will be caged and housed in this area not just for the visitors but to increase the growth of nearly instinctive animals as well.


Family Picnic Points

Multiple picnic points are aesthetically designed and merged in the master plan of Nova City for spending some quality family-friendly time at the end of the day.



An amphitheater is designed to give a Greek touch to the city and keeping the pandemic(Covid-19) in mind, Amphitheatre is a great outdoor activity with all the parameters.


Multi screen Cineplex

Indoor cinemas are also on the list of the entertainment list.


Skating Ring

Skating ring will be a new thing for the nation and a great opportunity to enhance the career.


Kids Fun Zone

Kids playing area will be equipped with boards and outdoor games and will also provide day care center services.


Grand Mosque

A grand Mosque specifically for offering Friday prayers will be in the center of the city to full fill religious tasks.


Golf Course

An 18 hole PGA standard golf course will be in service and bring a cherished smile to the viewers and players.


Food Street

All of the local and international food cuisines will be included in food street.


Bowling Alley

Bowling is a great way to beat the stress intense hours, Nova City includes a gigantic bowling alley.


Nova City Islamabad stands out from the others since it is the best investment opportunity and place to live in the future. The presence of business properties increases the value of Pueblo Block. It’s a great investment opportunity near Pakistan’s new CPEC airport. As a result of its favourable location between Islamabad and Rawalpindi, as well as its growth benefits, this area is a lucrative one in which to invest. In terms of real estate investment societies, Nova City Islamabad is among the fastest-growing in the nation. There are a wide range of investment choices available from the developer. It has spread to Peshawar and Lahore from Islamabad. This goal may lead to a civilisation that meets the needs of today’s people.

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