New Metro City Gujar Khan

New Metro City Gujar khan

New Metro City Gujar khan is one of the very famous and populated town of Rawalpindi district. This town is well connected to Rawalpindi through rail and roads. Moreover, the famous grand trunk road passes through the town and Islamabad-Rawalpindi railway line also passes through here. In addition, population of this town is increasing very rapidly. Therefore, there’s an immediate need for housing in this town.

New Metro City Gujar khan is developing to fulfill the need of housing and investment in Gujar Khan. In fact, this one of a kind opportunity is grabbing a lot of real estate investors. This is a modern and state of the art society that will provide all the facilities and amenities to its investors. Moreover, this society has its own water and electricity supply. Therefore, uninterrupted power and water will be supplied to its investors.

Location of New Metro City Gujar Khan

Location is one of the most important factor when it comes to any investment society. In fact, developers and owners of new metro city Gujar khan made sure that investors are provided with a very feasible location. New Metro City Gujar Khan is present at a very ideal location. It is located on the Grand Trunk Road which is the primary highway. In fact, it is connecting New Metro City Gujar Khan with Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Moreover, New Metro City Gujar Khan is only a few minutes’ drive away from Railway line.

 People who work or commute to Rawalpindi or Islamabad can only reach there in 30 minutes. Moreover, all the daily lives essentials such as hospitals, educational institutes and shopping mall are located nearby to New Metro City Gujar Khan. Additionally, investors are very fascinated by the location as it is peaceful yet assessable.

Accessibility Points:

There are many locations and cities which are easily assessable to New Metro City Gujar Khan. These accessibility points include:

Developers of New Metro City Gujar Khan

The developers of New Metro City Gujar Khan are very well known in real estate industry. Bilal Bashir Malik is the owner and CEO of New Metro City Gujar khan. Moreover, the developers include BSM developers. They have decade of real estate experience. The developers are very famous for their projects with in Pakistan and also internationally. In addition, the developer’s goal is to provide people with state of the art infrastructure by employing skilled experts.

BSM developers are famous for their projects such as Metro City Kharian, Mandi Bahaudin, and Gwadar Golf City. Furthermore, they aims to provide the people of Gujar Khan with world class infrastructure. They also aim to introduce the world class technology into this society.

No Objection Certificate (NOC)

BSM developers know that it is very important to acquire the NOC of society to win the trust of investors. Additionally, there are many people who scam investors. Therefore, BSM developers are working day and night to acquire the NOC from Tehsil Municipal Authority (TMA). Moreover, the developers have submitted all the required document already. They have also fulfilled all the necessary requirements regarding the quality of the society. Developers are working round the clock acquire the NOC. Therefore, it will be approved very soon from the authorities.

New Metro City Gujar Khan Master plan

The master plan of New Metro City Gujar Khan is devised by the BSM developers. Moreover, master plan plays a very important role for the development of the society. Therefore, the master plan of New Metro City is designed while considering all the future and essential needs of residents. This society will include all the necessary and state of the art infrastructure. Furthermore, the main boulevard of the society will be 250 feet wide with streets and lanes which will be 40 feet wide. Also, there will be a green belt of 10 feet on both sides of the boulevard.

The project plan of New Metro City Gujar Khan is designed by very skilled and international level experts, including architects and civil engineers. Furthermore, infrastructure development has given very great attention. The developers really want New Metro City Gujar Khan to stand out in other housing societies of Gujar Khan. In addition, New Metro City Gujar Khan will include business and commercial area. This will cater the needs of property investors of Pakistan.

New Metro City Gujar Khan Payment Plan

New Metro City Housing Scheme is offering a wide range of residential plots regarding the needs of people. These ranges are as follows:

New Metro City Housing Scheme Gujar khan is also offering commercial plots as follows:

Facilities and Amenities

Modern facilities and amenities are very important for the investors. New Metro City Gujar Khan made sure that residents and investors gets the best facilities and amenities. Moreover, they include modern facilities which are needed for anyone. These facilties include:

  • New Metro City Gujar Khan will include state of the art infrastructure with all the modern amenities.
  • Society will have paved network of roads and streets.
  • The society will include a commercial area, where people can avail business opportunities.
  • New Metro City Gujar Khan will also have its own water supply and sewerage system, gas, and electricity. In fact, this is a very unique feature.
  • The society will provide state-of-the-art surveillance system to ensure the safety and security of its residents.
  • This is a gated community so people can do their activities.
  • The society will have parks, playgrounds, and jogging tracks.
  • The society will also include a community center, where residents can socialize and interact with each other.
  • The society will also include modern style mosques, hospitals, schools, and colleges.
  • New Metro City will be an ideal place to live for people who are looking for a peaceful and comfortable yet assessable environment.
  • New Metro City will be a self-contained and contemporary society. Therefore, residents will find everything they need.
  • So, if someone is looking for an option where they can find all the modern and advance amenities and facilities, then New Metro City is the right choice for investors.


In Conclusion, New Metro City Gujar Khan is a promising project. It is present in a very attractive and secure location. People who don’t want to face the hassle of the city can live in New Metro City Gujar Khan very comfortably. Moreover, the developers made sure that New Metro City Gujar Khan is different from all the other societies. Therefore, they are providing all the international level luxuries to the residents and investors. Finally, due to all the features, investors and home owners are getting greatly attracted to the society.It is significant that New Metro City Kharian has a direct link to the neighborhood of Gujrat, since this makes the neighborhood accessible from all other parts of the city. A tale will come packaged with a plethora of high-quality educational components and features.