Nova City | Master Plan, Price Plan, Location, Development Status, NOC

Introduction: Nova City is futuristic with all the amenities and facilities that one dreams of. This society is designed and planned near Islamabad. It is designed to give its residents an upgraded lifestyle. There are many other projects that are

Eighteen Signed a Contract with TAQA Power

Eighteen signed a contract with TAQA Power for the electrification of a housing project in Islamabad. Tarek Hamdy (CEO Eighteen) and Samy Abdel Kader (Managing Director TAQA Power) have signed the contract. This project is signed to make an effective

Construction of 5 Mini Dams in Rawalpindi

Construction of 5 mini dams in Rawalpindi: RAWALPINDI: The government will construct 5 mini dams in Rawalpindi. The location of this project is the mountainous tehsils of Rawalpindi like Murree, Kotli Satyan, Kahuta. Small Dams Organization has completed the survey