Eighteen Signed a Contract with TAQA Power

Eighteen signed a contract with TAQA Power for the electrification of a housing project in Islamabad. Tarek Hamdy (CEO Eighteen) and Samy Abdel Kader (Managing Director TAQA Power) have signed the contract. This project is signed to make an effective contribution to the network. It will meet the requirement of developers. Also, it will give highly reliable and effective power solutions to the company.

As per the agreement, TAQA power will provide all the energy solutions from designing and building a distribution network to providing electricity backup solutions for the Eighteen. These power solutions will include generator backups, solar plants. It is to give reliable and eco-friendly solutions to the clients of the Eighteen.

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After completing all the construction, The TAQA Powers will ensure to provide the best and reliable power system for the residents of the Eighteen. They will also ensure to meet high standards of maintenance and operation of these power systems.

Tarek Hamdy shows great delight in taking TAQA Power onboard.

Samy Abdel Kader also extends gratitude towards the developers of the Eighteen for selecting them as a Power Planner of the society.  

TAQA Power is a leading private power sector that provides a complete range of services. Moreover, their services include construction, development, billing, operation, and maintenance of energy efficiency of power generation. The company also carries a strong track record of the delivered projects to many customers.



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