Construction of 5 Mini Dams in Rawalpindi

Construction of 5 mini dams in Rawalpindi:

RAWALPINDI: The government will construct 5 mini dams in Rawalpindi. The location of this project is the mountainous tehsils of Rawalpindi like Murree, Kotli Satyan, Kahuta.

Small Dams Organization has completed the survey at five sites in order to build the reservoirs of water.


The five locations finalized for water reservoirs are Dokhda, Bel Chakka, Dhar Java, Gorkanan, and Dosiri.

As per sources, the state owns a great part of the land for this project and the Government will purchase a few Kanal of land from the private owners. The site of this project is also demarcated.


The approximate amount of this project will be about Rs2.5 Billion. After its completion, these reservoirs will help in overcoming the water shortage issues in the mountainous Tehsils of Rawalpindi.

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The members of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf, MNA Sadaqat Ali Abbasi, and MPA Latasib Satti say that with the construction of these water reservoirs, there will be a noticeable increase in aquatic life. They also said that different species of birds and fish will be set free in the area. This will help in a drastic increase in these species.

The authorities will plant many fruit-bearing and flower-bearing plants in the area near banks in order to increase its beauty. With the help of this plantation and with the construction of dams, there will be thousands of job opportunities for the residents of the area. The prices of land will also increase in these five union councils. Most probably, the government will release the funds for this project till next year. The Government wu=ill complete this project in the next two years.



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