Nexus Mall

Nexus Mall: Nexus Mall is a new venture by Edge Stone. It is a reflection of luxury and class. This is ideally the tallest project in Islamabad. Nexus Mall is developed in Bahria Town in the area of 12.93 Kanal.

Top Return on Investment based projects in Twin Cities

What is Return on investment? Return on investment (ROI) is a way of evaluating the efficiency of an investment. It gives an insight into the comparison of the cost of investment versus the benefit gained from it. According to its

What is Return on Investment?

What is Return on Investment? Return on investment is also known as ROI. It is a way to measure or evaluate the efficiency of an investment. It directly measures the amount of an investment as compared to the investment cost.

How to Calculate Return on Investment for your property

Brandon Turner, author of The Book on Rental Property Investing, said “Wealth creation through real estate starts with correct math”. Thus, it actually emphasize the importance of Return of Investment. A veteran investor in real estate envisions to maximize their Return

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