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Nova City is futuristic with all the amenities and facilities that one dreams of. This society is designed and planned near Islamabad. It is designed to give its residents an upgraded lifestyle. There are many other projects that are designed near the same location but none of them matches the amenities that they offer. It is one of its kind. 

Owner and Developers of Nova City:

The owner and development partner of Nova City is Nova City Developers. They are in the field since 1975 and they have delivered many projects. The most recent project delivered by the developers was New City Housing. They have delivered this project in the committed time period. This shows the credibility and trustworthiness of the developers and owners. 

Amenities of Nova City:

Nova City encompasses amenities that are second to none. This project not only has technologies but also it is designed in a way to provide its residents some recreational space. Following are some of the amenities of this project:

  • Amphitheater:

Nova City comprises an Amphitheatre which is not included in any of the nearby projects. This theatre will be used widely for all kinds of entertainment purposes, sports, and performances. It will be used for events that will have a huge audience. 

  • Badminton Court:

Unlike many other projects, it is designed to have a focus on sports. It will have badminton courts with all the equipment where not only professionals can play but beginners can also learn. 

  • Basketball Court:

There will be a basketball court in Nova City. This will also have basketballs for the residents so that they can come and place there. 

  • Birds Aviary:

Nova City gives its residents another way to enjoy nature by having a bird aviary. This will have greenery and shrubs in it which will also enhance the beauty of the city.

  • Bowling Alley:

The whole area near Nova City does not have any bowling alleys. But this project will also provide a bowling alley with all the required kits. 

  • Boulevard:

There is the main boulevard that is 120 feet wide which will connect the whole city with the community. This will give a beautiful landscape too. 

  • Internet Facilities:

Nova City will encompass modern internet facilities. It will have up-to-date broadband technologies and a smooth internet connection with the help of optic fibers. 

  • Cricket Nets:

Most Pakistanis are fond of cricket regardless of their age group. So, there will be cricket nets. Authorities will arrange these nets in a way that anyone of any age can play there. 

  • Dedicated Community Gym:

There will be a dedicated community gym with all the latest equipment and exercise machines. Nova City will also have certified trainers and instructors to train bodybuilders and other residents. 

  • Underground Electrical Connections:

The developers of this project also keep this thing in mind to design the structure in such a way that it will be efficient and beneficial for everyone. In this city, all the electrical connections will be underground. This will make the environment safe and secure. 

  • Sewerage System:

The sewerage system of this project will be highly efficient. It will be designed in a way that wastewater will be properly managed.

  •  Greenery:

It will be an environment-friendly city. Also, this will have proper green belts and trees which will make the whole city vibrant and close to nature.

  •  Grand Mosque:

There will be a mosque too. People will not only be able to offer their prayers but also they will be able to learn and recite Holy Quran. This mosque comprises a huge space. 

  •  Food Street:

In Nova City, a food street will be there too. No vehicles will be allowed there. People will enjoy their food and have fun in open-air cafes. 

  •  Garbage Management System:

The garbage management system will handle all the waste material of the city. It will have a proper management system that will run through modern technologies. 

  •  Paved roads:

Nova City will have huge and smooth paved roads. There will be highways, avenues, streets, and service roads. They will help in lowering down the traffic from the city. 

  •  Graveyard:

This city also encompasses a graveyard, unlike many other housing societies. It will be a plus point for those who would like to live there permanently. 

  •  Grid Station:

It will have separate grid stations that will be dedicated to each block. Also, this will avoid load shedding and provide smooth electricity connections. 

  •  Street Lights:

The street lights will be properly installed in the city. Also, they will have an automated system that will make them on in the night and turn it off in the morning. 

  •  Skating Ring:

This grand project also includes a skating ring where children and adults can skate freely. 

  •  Walking and Jogging Tracks:

Nova City will have separate walking and jogging tracks. Not only children but also adults, and elders can run, walk and jog on these tracks without getting worried about the traffic. 

  •  Open Gyms:

There will be open gyms in this city which will have all types of equipment for exercise. It will be free of charge. Furthermore, anyone from any age group can come and exercise.

  •  Nova City Schools:

Nova City will have the best and the largest Nova City educational institutes. These institutes will have schools and colleges in them. Most importantly, they will have highly qualified and experienced teachers who will focus on building concepts. 

  •  Hospitals:

There will be hospitals with world-class doctors and modern technology. Moreover, these technologies will help in treating the patients in a better way. 

  •  Kids Fun Zone:

Nova City will have a separate kid’s fun zone. This will have swings and other fun activities.

Above mentioned amenities are some of the many features. It is one of its kind. Developers take special care of the residents before designing it. It will have Table Tennis, tennis courts, snooker and billiard room, zoo, multiple family picnic points, squash courts, and much more.

Master Plan:

The master plan of this great city has all the things one counts on while thinking about a comfortable life. It will have hospitals, educational institutes i.e. colleges, schools, central parks, separate courts for all games, walking and jogging tracks, zoo, bird aviary, and much more. All the things are design in order to give the best to their customers.

Nova City Location:

It is a great housing scheme located near CPEC. Moreover, it has a prime location that can be easily accessible through many main routes. It is located on the main road. The plus point of this housing scheme is that three dams surround it that are Sapiala Dam, Kasana Dam, and Rama Dam. These dams also enhance the beauty of this society. Islamabad International Airport will also be a few minutes’ drive from Nova City. Something that is for sure about this city is the serenity, comfort, and vibrant views.

 NOC And Planning Permission:

Nova City is in its initial stage. They are actively looking for the NOC and submitted the required documents. The good thing is that they have got Planning Permission Issued which is PP1. Hopefully, they will get the No Objection Certificate soon. Also Nova City Islamabad is Approved by CDA

Why Nova City?

Nova City is a housing scheme with all the amenities and facilities that one wants to have for a good lifestyle. With all the technologies, this city also offers recreational activities which are important for a sound mind and a sound body. One of the most important things that go in favor of Nova City is the largest educational institutes of the Nova School system and world-class hospitals with highly qualified staff. This project also has Amphitheatre which is not so common in Pakistan. Multiscreen cineplex will also be a part of this city which will no doubt enhance the entertainment experience of the residents. It is a small city within the big city with all of the features, facilities, and amenities one craves for.

Nova City Payment Plan:

Nova City Payment Plan is for the time being on its pre-launching rates. For 5 Marla, the rates are RS 2,475,000 which includes 10% downpayment, 10% confirmation, 40 monthly installments, 8 half-yearly installments, and then possession payment. For 10 Marla plots, rates are 4,450,000. similarly, the payment of 01 Kanal plot is 8,800,000. Following is the complete payment plan of Nova City:

Development Updates of Nova City:

The development of Nova City is in its progress. The process of land leveling is ongoing at a high pace. Heavy machinery is on the site which will surely speed up the development of Nova City.



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