Ammar Lodges

Amaar Lodges

Amaar Lodges is a quite popular project in Murree. It is designed by architects of Pakistan Blue Arc that is a renowned name in the market. This is a residential project that gives a complete lifestyle filled with luxuries. Also, it is one of the most sophisticated and elegant projects in the area.

Amaar Lodges is all in one package for the ones who love to spend their time in nature. It is a great place with an amalgamation of technology with nature. The breathtaking scenery of the Oak and Alpine heights is a tremendous source of refreshment for any mind. The ultra-modern facilities of this project make it one of the most prioritized projects for the people who are looking to invest in Murree or nearby areas. Moreover, Amaar Lodges provides an extremely lavish and family-oriented environment to its customers. The developers of this project offer Penthouses, Studios, Foodcourt, and apartments.


Amaar Lodges is located in a prime location in Murree. These lodges are situated in a breathtaking natural environment. The surroundings of this project are covered with lush green mountains and Pine trees. These scenic views can be the best way to calm one’s mind and soul. The location of this project gives an edge to this project as compared to other projects in the area. It is situated near an expressway approximately 900 meters away. It is located at Shawala Road also known as Misriari Link Road that also connects with Lawrence College Road, Kashmir Point, and Mall Road. Moreover, the total land of this project is 2.5 Kanal.

The following points can be easily accessible through the prime location of Amaar Lodges:

  • 1 Min from Murree Expressway
  • 08 Min from Patriata Cut
  • 10 Min from Gloria Jeans
  • 12 Min from Lower Topa
  • 12 Min from Mall Road
  • 40 Min from Islamabad
  • 5 Hours from Lahore

Many other spots like Second Cup, Italian Pizza, Chai Cup, and Gup Shup, Tea Stall, etc. are near the location of Amaar Lodges.

Floor Plan:

The floor plan of Amaar Lodges comprises the third floor to the lower ground tenth floor. It comprises 14 floors in total. Thirteen floors of this project are for residential purposes whereas one floor is for commercial. All of these floors are divided into three types of apartments. These apartments are completely luxurious with

Spacious TV Lounges, American Style Kitchen, luxurious bedrooms, attached bathrooms, wide balconies with breathtaking views, and much more. Following are those three types of living apartments in Amaar Lodges:

Studio Apartments:

The studio apartment of Amaar Lodges comprises one bedroom, an attached bathroom, and an open kitchen.

1 Bedroom Apartment:

One-bedroom apartment of Amaar Lodges consists of one bedroom with an attached bathroom, TV lounge, an open kitchen, dining, and a balcony.

2 Bedroom Apartment:

The two-bedroom apartment of this project is of 2 bedrooms with attached bathrooms, a spacious TV lounge, a kitchen, and a balcony open to the sky with a breathtaking view.

The location and amenities of this project give a serene environment to its residents. Moreover, the developers of this project offer the residents to stay 23 days here and for the rest of the time they can rent it out.


The developer of Amaar Lodges is M.R.N Construction LLP. They are renowned in the field of real estate development and management. They have expertise in real estate projects all over Pakistan as they have vast experience in this sector. Also, they have a diverse background in architecture, development, construction, property management, and sales. Moreover, they have technical knowledge of all the aspects of real estate.

Following are some of their great projects:

  • Mayfair Hotel Murree, Mall Road
  • RN Tower, Chakri Road, Rawalpindi
  • Maryam Green City, Adyala Road, Rawalpindi
  • Capital Homes, Chakri, Rawalpindi


 The designer of this project is Blue Arc. They are pioneers in construction and designs based in Islamabad, Pakistan. Blue Arc gave great services to its customers in twin cities. They have designed beautiful houses to great other magnificent projects. With such a great record, Blue Arc is now presenting its top-notch services in Amaar Lodges. Moreover, they are putting all their ideas and creativity into this project to get some spectacular end results in the form of Amaar Lodges.


The developers of this project ensure to present a state of the art project to the customers with the help of its team. Their highly professional workers are working to deliver the best. Following are some of the main services in Amaar Lodges:

  • Uni Block RCC Structure with the pillars and beam
  • The structure of the building is designed in a way that it can withstand earthquake up to 9 on the Richter scale.
  • The developers are using 60 grade steel approved by Pakistan Standards.
  • The structure of this building can also withstand wind speed up to 150 km/hr.
  • Moreover, top quality cement approves from Pakistan Standards, is used in this project.
  • Top quality infrastructure and electricity cables will be a part of it.
  • Moreover, finest quality of pipes will be used in its infrastructure.
  • Highly skilled people are a part of team in order to provide consultancy for quality assurance.


As Amaar Lodges is located at the very prime location of Murree so it must be built in such a way that it should be able to attend maximum visitors at the peak of winters. As it is houseful in the winters. The location where Amaar Lodges is building is usually cold and even in midsummers, it’s usually foggy.

Great Infrastructure

One of the most interesting things about Amaar Lodges is that it features only 3 floors above the ground and the rest are lower grounds gliding on a mountain presenting lush green views of Murree hills. Also, the design presents a modern look and mesmerizing & breathtaking views.

First Aid Facility

One of the most basic needs is the first-aid facility. Amaar lodges is providing first aid facilities to its guests at the time of need.

CCTV Surveillance

The Project plans include a highly equipped CCTV camera setup with 24/7 Monitoring. Furthermore, a high-end Security company will also be supervising the whole area for the safe and sound stay of the guests.

Elegant Reception

A beautifully designed reception will warmly welcome you to the ground floor of the Amaar Lodges. Moreover, the receptionists will entertain the inquires of the guests at any time.

Fire Fighting Services

Amaar Lodges also holds a strong plan of installing a Fire fighting system. This will include a fire extinguisher in each room with imported sensors. While there will be a fire fighting Vehicle available as well.

Valet Services

Valet Services are also very important for the valuable guests staying there. The hospitality will make you feel like your own home while your stay at Amaar Lodges.

Spacious and Fast Lifts

Since it’s a multi-story building so lifts must be working at a higher speed. The Floor Plan includes two separate lifts. One will be specified for Cargo and the other for the visitors and staff.

Rooftop Restaurant

One of the most interesting amenities of Amaar Lodges is its Restaurant at the rooftop presenting Soothing views to the eyes. The cold Breezes of Murree and Flaming/Sizzling Hot Foods will bring new sensations to your taste buds. The Restaurant will be serving both Continental, Chinese and Western Foods.


Parking is also one of the major issues that people face during traveling to the hill stations like Murree. Amaar Lodges is presenting you with ample space for parking. So let’s enjoy the stay.

Payment Plan:

The payment plan of Amaar Lodges varies according to the views and bedroom capacity. The payment plan of the rooms with 180 degrees, the panoramic view starts from RS 14500 per sqft. The rooms with a single view (be it on left, right, or front), starts from RS 13500 per sqft.  Whereas the prices of apartments on the back start from RS 12000 per sqft. The plus point of investing in this project is that you will have to pay only for the net area. Unlike others, the developers of this project are not demanding any payment for the gross area.

Another good point of investing in this project is that you will not have to take care of it like your other investments. The developers will take care of the utility bills, renting out, marketing, etc. Also, you can live here for 24 days free of cost and enjoy all its amenities.

The developers will sign a contract with you of 60% and 40%. The rental income from the project will be divided into 60% and 40%. 60% will be given to the customers as the owners of the apartment and 40% will be given to the developers who will cover all the maintenance and renovation. The developers will take care of all the things associated with this project. According to the rough estimate, these apartments will generate at least 2% revenue. The developers are having an estimate to have more than that but the minimum will be 2%.

Booking Procedure:

Following is the booking plan of Amaar Lodges:

  • Picture of the Main applicant
  • ID Card or Passport of the Main applicant
  • Picture of Nominee
  • ID Card or Passport of Nominee

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