Capital Smart City Interchange

Capital Smart City is a hot topic when it comes to the sector of real estate. This city comprises unlimited amenities and based completely on the Internet of Things (IoT). The plus point about this project is that its developers have fulfilled all their commitments. In the list of all those fulfilled commitments here comes another one. The developers that are Habib Rafique Limited (HRL) and Future Development Holdings (FDH) promised their investors that they will have a dedicated entrance for Capital Smart City. They have fulfilled their promise and (National Highway Authority) NHA have approved a dedicated interchange on M 2 motorway for CSC. Capital Smart City interchange will complete in a few months.


The location of the dedicated interchange for CSC  carries great importance. (CSC) Capital Smart City interchange will lie somewhere from 33.2 point number (that is opposite to Chhachh Dam) to 33.3 Point Number. The total area within these points is 3.68 Km. Mandwal Bridge has public access near this point. So, there is a great chance that Capital Smart City Interchange will be somewhere near it as there is already a loop over here. Because of this loop, it will be easy to add up a new route.

Why it is important?

Approval of a dedicated interchange is definitely a great achievement and big news that all the investors were waiting for. It will surely give a boom in the real estate market. The prices of this society will also boost up in a very short time span. It will also have a great reputation and importance because of this new access. The authorities will award the tender of (CSC) Capital Smart City interchange soon. Its construction will most probably start in the next two months.


Overall the whole city will catch up great importance because of this addition but still, there will be some specific area that will get even more edge. Executive District II and Overseas District II are in the closest proximity to the interchange. So, these two will get the most advantage out of it. A speedy construction of Capital Smart City was noticed. But after the approval of the dedicated Capital Smart City Interchange, the construction will also be at a great pace.

A separate entrance for Capital Smart City will have a positive impact on other nearby societies and projects too. Overall, the work of CSC will start really soon.



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