KBD Tower Islamabad or Kohistan Builders and Developers Tower is constructed by Kohistan Builders and Developers. They are the symbol of trustworthiness. KBD Tower is located in Eighteen which is facing Srinagar Highway. Within Eighteen, it is located in The Core which is a hub of all the commercial activities that will undergo in Eighteen. Moreover, this project named KBD Tower will be the tallest building in Eighteen.


It comprises 9 floors plus ground floor and basement. The basement will only have car parking. The Ground floor will comprise all the commercial activities. It will have only commercial shops. From floor 1 to floor 9, there will be only corporate offices. These corporate offices will not be based on a specific field like a technology park instead they will have offices related to all fields. Moreover, all the commercial activities and offices will be also helpful for the residents in either setting up the business or setting up an office.


Kohistan Builders and Developers are credible. They have delivered a great number of projects within the time frame. KBD has built their trust and respect with time. They have also proved their credibility by delivering many grand projects named Zarkon Heights, Kohistan Greens, Kohistan Enclave, Kohistan Tower, etc.


Excavation of the KBD Tower has begun. It will be constructed very soon and delivered most probably by 2024. In addition, Kohistan Builders and Developers have delivered all their projects within the committed time period. They did not delay even a single project.


The booking of KBD Tower only by the payment of 15%. The payment plan is of 4 years. It is payable in 16 quarterly installments. In addition, the payment of the ground floor starts from only Rupees 55,000/- square feet. The payment per square feet of floor 1 to floor 4 is from Rupees 28,000/-and floor 5 to floor 9 are only from Rupees 34,000/- only.



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