Capital Development Authority (CDA) has affirmed to begin development work at sector I-14, Islamabad. Previously, Consistent delays were made in completion of up-gradation work in this sector.


According to News Sources, PKR 500 million funds are allotted by CDA from FY 2019-20 budget to resolve several issues in the area. In addition, CDA also announced the auction of commercial plots in I-14 Markaz as well to gather additional funds.

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CDA’s spokesperson added that these fund would be used in maintenance and construction of roads. In addition, basic civil facilities including sewerage, Sui gas, water & electricity will also be ensured in sector I-14.

Many residents are already facing sever problems. Owners of the plots cannot even start the construction work due to the lack of basic facilities there. It was indispensable to start the development work. Furthermore, due to lack of funds, no developmental activity could be commenced in other sectors mainly I-12 & I-15, said official source.



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  • Mohammad Khan September 3, 2020

    Nice to see more development happening in that area. I kind of want to invest in real estate there now. What are some good housing communities near the I!4 sector?

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