Capital Development Authority (CDA) has unveiled its budget of Rs.27.1 billion for the Fiscal Year 2019-20. Amer Ali Ahmed, Chairman CDA headed a meeting in which this budget was approved.

This time it is much higher than several previous years.  In year 2018-19, only Rs.40.5 billion budget was assigned for CDA. Almost 50% of the funds is readily available to civic agency to begin proposed projects & their targets.

Budget Outlay

As per news sources, Rs.27.1 billion amount has been allocated to distinct projects in the following manner:

  • 2.96 Billion for Government Grants
  • 21.07 Billion for Development & Non-development Expenses
  • 3.05 Billion for Remuneration & Allowances

Detail of Development Projects

According to budget documents, Rs.10.8 Billion is particularly reserved for developments of sectors in Islamabad. Syed Safdar Ali, CDA’s spokesman, said those projects would be given priority whose PC-I & PC-II are already approved by CDA-DWP.

For sector I-15 and I-14, Rs.1 Billion and Rs.500 Million is earmarked respectively for development work. In order to facilitate land acquisition sufferers, Rs.2 Billion is reserved. In addition, built-up property claims & land acquisition for property would also be done from this reserved amount.

Furthermore, Rs.797.19 million held in reserve for projects of Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP). Previously, CDA requested for Rs.10 Billion for expansion of Islamabad Expressway. But in financial budget, only Rs.425 million has been given by Federal Government. So CDA decided to build underpass & bridge as an alternative.

Furthermore, other major purposed projects include

  • Underpasses for G-8 & G-9, F-7 & F-8 (at Faisal Avenue)
  • Barmah Bridge at Lehtrar Road
  • Additional block at CDA Hospital
  • Signal-free Corridors

It must be noted that CDA have not mentioned any increase in non-development expenses.

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Additional Revenue

Finance Board member, Dr. Fahad Azaiz, has asked for increased funds from federal government. In the interim, finance wing has also called for additional revenue generation. For this purpose following ideas has been proposed:

  • Imposing building control fee from housing schemes under CDA
  • Opening news sectors
  • Auction of commercial plots at I-14 Markaz

CDA’s Previous Proposed Projects

In previous year, CDA has similarly purposed several projects for the betterment & progression of Capital City, Islamabad. Unfortunately, most of these projects were held limited to documentation only.

Following is glance over main proposed projects by CDA in year 2018-19

  • Development work at sector I-15
  • Construction of service road in Blue Area
  • development of 7th Avenue intersection
  • Construction of Burma Bridge on Lehtrar Road
  • Shakarparian culture complex


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