Capital Development Authority (CDA), in collaboration with National Highway Authority (NHA) & ICT Administration, has carried out anti-encroachment drive in vicinity of Mulpur Murree. In a 3 days long process, CDA successfully retrieved 205 Kanal state-owned lands from illegal occupants.

Under the supervision of Enforcement Directorate in collaboration of ICT Administration and police, 12 illegal houses & 13 boundary walls were demolished. 15 Kanal cultivated land was also retrieved through Tractor and other heavy machinery. Overall, 80 Kanal of land was retrieved.

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Another day in sector E-11, 26 newly constructed shops were also demolished by Building Control Section (BCS). These shops were reported to be constructed against Building by-laws. It was present behind the Monal Marquee.  In sector G-9/1, an illegal construction beside House#730 in Street#45 was also demolished.

Due to these encroachments, heavy traffic jam was witnessed. Usually traffic flow from Murree Road to reach Murree Hill station was highly interrupted. People admired CDA’s efforts in this regard as it will somehow minimize the risk of traffic block.



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