Best Places to visit in Rawalpindi and Islamabad

Tourists are always in search of the best places to visit that are worthy enough to be seen. Whenever they come to Islamabad & Rawalpindi, they are often confused where to go. Together both of these cities are called Twin Cities. Since, Islamabad is called City of Greens. Along with that it is the 2nd most beautiful capital in the world. Unlike other cities of Pakistan, it is a properly planed city without any haphazard developments. Likewise, Rawalpindi is just adjacent to Islamabad. It is one of the oldest city in Pakistan. It has several historical & entertainment places.

However, Twin Cities have numerous attractions that are not known to our city or foreign tourists. Today, we have decided to list down the best place to visit in Rawalpindi & Islamabad.


No matter how old or young you are, visiting a lush green park is always exciting. Being close to nature is a soulful experience. If you want to start your day with jogging in a fresh air or sum up a hectic routine with peaceful evening walks, Islamabad & Rawalpindi give you plenty of such places. Fatima Jinnah Park is also known as F9 Park because it is located in sector F-9 of Islamabad. It is sprawled over a huge green area. The park has an abundance of open spaces. These are commonly used for recreational walking & outdoor sports. Meanwhile, you can also find some novice drivers practicing on vehicles.

Another mega attraction is Lake View Park. It overlooks Rawal Lake & surrounded by sky-talking trees. Comprised on such a vast area, it has plenty of amazing fun adventures like fishing, boating, bird watching, wall climbing & picnic areas. It has Japanese Park adjacent to it. Japanese Park features different swings & hurdles that promote physical activities. Rose & Jasmine Garden is also quite popular among tourists & local residents. It has more than 250 types of rose & jasmine flowers.

In Rawalpindi Ayub Park & Jinnah Park are the most famous. Ayub Park is named after Pakistani Martial Law Administrator General Ayub Khan. Covering almost 2300 acres, it has jungle kingdom in it as well. It features a kids fun area, a small lake along with boating services, walking & jogging tracks. Followed by haunted houses & an open-air theater. Jinnah Park has another attraction among tourists. It is a cluster of eateries, cafes, cash and carry & a cineplex cinema. If you are fond of nature, shopping & foodie then Jinnah Park is an ideal place for you.

Shopping Malls

Twin cities host some of the mega malls in Pakistan. The Centaurus Mall actually breaks the traditional bandwagon of commercial malls. It brings international standard shopping mall in Islamabad. It is a hub for local & international brands to a humongous food court along with a cinema. Likewise, Giga Mall is another breakthrough shopping mall. Following the footsteps of The Centaurus Mall, it also provides global-level arena for the top-notch individuals. Giga Mall comes with a wide variety of shopping outlets, grocery stores, play area, food court, spacious parking space & a cinema.

Safa Gold Mall is another great option for having exclusive shopping experience. It features a huge variety of national & international brands. It also offers spa facilities.


Kids, youngsters & senior citizens always like to visit the Zoo. Islamabad & Rawalpindi has an abundance of such animal zoo & birds’ zoo. Islamabad Birds Aviary near Rawal Lake is a famous spot. It hosts hundreds of bird species. The humongous cages are well-maintained and worthy to see. Likewise, Islamabad Zoo is nestled in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. It is also a must visit place for all the foreigner tourists. Children along with adults enjoy visiting it.


As said earlier, Rawalpindi is much older city. It has an abundance of such ancient & iconic places. Saidpur is one of the oldest villages of Pakistan. It is more than five hundred years old village. In particular, Saidpur is known for its rich heritage, culture, history & folklore. It has different views in the sun light & in the evening. In 2008, Saidpur was successfully converted into a beautiful quaint village. Previously, it was transformed into an advance village with several of the up standard restaurants & cafes.

Another one is Shah Allah Ditta Caves. It is expected to be more than 2400 years old. It showcases relics of the Buddhist era, the Aurangzeb period & the Hindu period. Lok Virsa is also a must-visit location. It is a heritage museum with an epitome of the history & culture of Pakistan. It features a wide variety of cultural items including statues, pictures, pottery, music & textile work of different ethnicity.

Apart from that both of the regions have several other tourist attractions. One thing to keep in mind is that all of these places are somehow traditional & following same patterns. Now, developers are introducing some innovative & theme-based edifices.



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  • Abubakar Khan March 14, 2020

    Among all Bahria town is the best place to visit if you ever go there. I just visited and had a great time there.

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