Future of Nova City Peshawar

Nova Developers, the company behind the building of the Nova City Peshawar, has a long history of construction and development. The Nova City Islamabad is a well-known housing Society in Pakistan; Nova City Peshawar is its bigger sibling. Therefore, the Residents of Nova City Peshawar may expect the greatest investment and housing options from the project’s creators. The main objective is to create a beautiful place with a fair market value. Hence, Nova City Peshawar is one of the cheapest home society in Peshawar. Because of the payment schedule, it is more appealing to locals and investors alike.

Nova City Peshawar offers a variety of payment options, all of which are both convenient and reasonably priced. Thus, investors might expect higher returns on their investments because of the changes in their rates rapidly these days. Proximity to the M-1 motorway in Nova City Peshawar is a vital consideration for most of its residents.

Developers and owners of Nova City Peshawar, Inc.

The Nova Group is the only owner and developer of the project named Nova City, which aims to provide a new level of facilities to the old city of Peshawar, Pakistan. Because the management has assembled a group of master professionals with a wealth of combined expertise to provide on-time and on-budget deliveries of cutting-edge projects.

Planning of The Future of Nova City Peshawar

A team of highly driven and experienced experts who were concerned about providing a stunning housing project prepared Nova City Peshawar’s master plan. On the other hand, the architects and engineers have decided to use their creative skills to create a brand new and amazing work of art.

Nova City Peshawar Location

Nova City Peshawar’s location is ideal for those seeking a traditional way of life and access to regal amenities. Community’s eyes to a home development in a prominent location that provides fast and simple access to necessities. In addition, the M-2 Islamabad-Peshawar motorway’s prime position near to Peshawar city is the perfect setting for Nova City Peshawar.

Access Ease:

The access ease makes investor and residents of any hosing society a peace of mind so that’s why the Nova City Peshawar will be accessible by;

  • In the immediate area, the M-1 Islamabad–Peshawar Motorway will found.
  • Charsadda Road can reach in around 13 minutes by automobile.
  • Getting to the Peshawar Ring Road takes around 23 minutes.
  • About 19 minutes distant is the Peshawar Northern Bypass.
  • To go to Peshawar City, you’ll have to walk for 19 minutes.
  • 51 minutes require getting to the airport.
  • Just a 23-minute drive away from Mardan.
  • Risalpur City is a 25-minute drive away.
  • Mardan Road is just a 7-minute drive away.
  • Only 12 minutes to go to Charsadda City.
  • It takes around 19 minutes to go from N-5 to G. T. Road.
  • Trip towards the Bacha Khan University is around 15 minutes away.
  • There is a 5-minute drive to DHQ Hospital Road from this location.
  • About a 36-minute drive from the city centre, you’ll find the town of Nowshera.

Nova City Peshawar’s No Objection Certificate (NOC)

When it comes to verifying that a housing development is legitimate, the No-objection Certificate is a rock-solid foundation. Peshawar’s departmental officials received the necessary paperwork to verify a no-objection certificate (NOC). This means that the Nova City Peshawar housing project has received the NOC and certified as a registered project. The majority of investors, according to our research, prefers investing in a legally approved housing project.

The Future of Nova City Peshawar Features

When Nova City Peshawar opens, it will be a massive housing society with world-class facilities and royal comforts to let you live a progressive lifestyle. In terms of shrubbery and natural surroundings, it will be eco-friendly, thanks to a cutting-edge infrastructure. It is possible to build a theme park for kids and the elderly that is raise to encourage healthy activities like games and exercises.


Health and prosperity are inseparable. The significance of a person’s health is shown by the sentence is specified already. Residents of Nova City Peshawar will have access to state-of-the-art health care facilities to ensure their well-being and help them recover from illness and injury.


Everyone is working hard to make their aspirations a reality in this day and age. There are also commercial company centres in the Nova City Peshawar that may be set up for future success.

That’s not all; shopping malls will be upgraded to provide you with all-day necessities in premium quality and subsidiaries of branded chains to serve you.

Secure Community Controlled By Gate

As it is predictable that the developers of this project would offer a gated community with CCTV cameras. It will keep an eye on both incoming and departing traffic. However, this isn’t the end of the story, since well-trained and experienced guards will be patrolling the whole society to keep it safe and secure.


It is the position of the city of Nova City that mosques should be accessible to the general public. People may freely practise their faith in the city, as seen by the many mosques that dot the landscape.

Long-term expansion:

In Nova City Peshawar, environmental sustainability is a top priority. Priority number one is to build an eco-friendly and high-quality community. Environmental stewardship and sustainability are more critical than ever in today’s unpredictable economic economy.

Resources such as water and electricity are at a premium.

As you can see, most of the people are worried about a lack of water and power right now. An essential need is the availability of water and natural gas, as well as electrical power. Residents and business owners of Nova City Peshawar may look forward to this advantage.

Healthcare facilities, including hospitals and outpatient clinics

Everyone should have access to health care. It is also a priority for Nova City Peshawar to ensure that its people have access to the world’s top medical care. It is a 15-minute journey from Nova City Peshawar to the DHQ hospital.


In addition, it is impossible for a civilization to thrive if its people aren’t well-educated. There are also high-quality educational options for people of Nova City Peshawar, Pakistan.

Living in a Secure Environment

In Peshawar, the gated enclave of Nova City has an advanced security system. Nova City Peshawar’s safety and security is likewise a top focus.

Ensuring the well-being of locals

Therefore, the Recreational activities abound in Nova City. Nova City Peshawar have zoos, playgrounds, and public parks to choose from. Nova City not only promotes a healthy way of life, but it also encourages its residents to follow it. Many leisure activities are available to this community to help it attain its goals.

While on the other hand the further Facilities and Amenities of Nova City Peshawar residents have access to a broad variety of services and facilities, including:

  • Really Best Possible Security System
  • There are Underground telecommunications cables
  • Boundary Wall
  • High-Speed Internet Connection
  • Athlete-Specific Facilities
  • Fascinations in the Local Area
  • A sewage treatment plants are there.
  • In addition, there are several running and brisk walking paths.
  • Diverse possibilities for a better life
  • Paved roadways

Furthermore, these amenities will be available to residents at their own leisure. The Future of the Nova City Peshawar in real Estate Sector hold a lot of value these days. Because all the projects of the Nova City (Nova City Peshawar, Nova City Islamabad, Nova One) are, NOC approved now in 2022. Presently the investors of the Nova City is having the value of the plots and increment in the investment too. Which makes to the other investors force to think about Nova City Peshawar as an attractive opportunity. Moreover, as I stated that earlier, the expectation is that the developers of this project would offer a gated community with CCTV cameras. It will keep an eye on both incoming and departing traffic.


However, this isn’t the end of the story, since well-trained and experienced guards will be patrolling the whole society to keep it safe and secure. Let me explain you another thing; there you will get a lot of amenities and facilities like Living in a Secure Environment, Healthcare, Mosques, Business Centers and etc. within the feasible amount or you can say by paying a amount which’s so reasonable as compared to the facilities given by the Nova City Peshawar housing society developers.

As the way we described the entire details of that society, hope so that a lot of community will come toward the Nova City Peshawar to get the twice of the amount of their investment. The reason behind our confidence is that we; know it will be the future of Pakistan due to the bright future of the Nova City Peshawar. The reason of bright future of Nova City Peshawar in real estate sector are the architects and engineers who have decided to use their creative skills to create a brand new and amazing work of art in Peshawar.



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