Capital Smart City Islamabad Interchange

Capital Smart City Islamabad: Great news for investors of Capital Smart City! The well-reputed project has yet achieved another milestone.

Finally, the National Highway Authority (NHA) has granted the approval of a dedicated interchange for Capital Smart City on Islamabad-Lahore (M-2) Motorway at KMs 332-333. The exact location of this interchange will be Mouza Mandowal. The residents of Capital Smart City will now enjoy direct access from the Motorway. 

On 12th March 2022, in an event held on the site of Capital Smart City, the director sales Mr. Mujeeb Ahmed Khan announced this breaking news. Surely, this interchange will lead to the beginning of a new era for Capital Smart City.

This interchange will prove to be fruitful for Capital Smart City in the upcoming years. It makes it the first smart city in Pakistan to be accessible from the motorway and nearest to the New Islamabad International Airport.



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