RDA working to start Ring Road in Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi Ring Road is indeed most needed and long-anticipated project in twin cities. There is only one major route with one road that caters the mega flow of traffic coming from Islamabad to Rawalpindi’s large Housing scheme arena. Further, the population in twin cities is also increasing day by day. Many housing schemes like Capital Smart City, Bahria Orchard and many other are being constructed that will surely need this route to ensure the convenient traffic flow.

It was introduced almost three decades before in 1991. But because of changing governments and their own agendas, its execution was delayed many times. Initially, it was planned to connect National Highway with New Islamabad International Airport from Rawat. At that time, it was announced 38 Km in length.


In 1997, it further elongated to 54 KMs. But due to lack of financial funds it was not started. Then in 2017, the length extended to 70 KMs.

Route Location

In view of present Master Plan, Ring Road Rawalpindi will start from Radio Pakistan, GT Road. It will lead till Thalian Interchange- Lahore-Islamabad Motorway by touching Capital Smart City. One Route extended till New Islamabad International Airport. Meanwhile, two links will extended to sector I-8 Islamabad and Adyala Road simultaneously.  It will further touch Grand Trunk Road and Chakri Road as well.

Previously, it planned to start from Chani Sher Alam Bridge. But due to over all project cost, it reduced the length. A link road from Tarnol and Rawat will be nuilt by National Highway Authority (NHA).


Project Design

Ring Road Rawalpindi will constructed in By-pass design. The project overall includes 6 flyovers, 3 interchanges and 10 overhead bridges. Total length of Main Rawalpindi Ring Road proposed to be 35 kilometers. several link roads will also attached to it.


Several Interchanges planned for the success of Rawalpindi Ring Road including

  • Channi Bridge Interchange
  • Chak Bali Road Interchange
  • Gorakh Pur Interchange
  • Adyala Interchange
  • Dhamial Interchange
  • Chakri Interchange
  • Motorway Interchange
  • FatehJang Interchange

However, as per latest news updates Rawat Interchange and Tarnol Interchange cancelled. However, links roads from aforementioned location attached to RRR. The biggest interchange will made on Chakri Road.

Overall Cost

The estimated cost of the project is USD 459 Million. The total cost for Land acquisition will backed by Government itself. USD 449 Million will spend upon construction of Component 1 while USD10 million reserved for Component 2.

USD 402 Million will financed through AIIB Loan and Government of Punjab will contribute USD 57 Million for the completion of this project.


Rawalpindi Ring Road planned to fulfill the following objectives as per Project Summary Information:

  • Ensure Smooth traffic Flow
  • Enhance overall economic Connectivity


This much awaited project will have number of overall positive impacts including

  • Relieve traffic bottleneck on N-5
  • Reduce journey time for non-motorized traffic, public transport and commuting vehicles
  • Smooth traffic flow for GT Road users as well
  • Overall lessen the traffic issues in twin cities.

In a Real Estate sector, it will further

  • Enhance the appeal for adjoining housing societies.
  • Due to proximity of New Islamabad International Airport, economic activities will also flourish.
  • Increase the Investment opportunities
  • minimize the journey time to reach adjoining housing schemes.

Development Updates

Previously, the construction planned to commence from February 2019. But according to Project Summary updated on March 20, 2019. The project development work will started on July 1, 2020.

Expected Date of Completion

According to latest Project Summary Information, it will be expected to complete and get operational on December 31, 2021.


The master plan of Rawalpindi Ring Road prepared by NesPak. Moreover, NesPak will look after the Toll Tax function as well. Overall the project will headed by Punjab Highway Department.




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