Some owners collected their vouchers, while the process of giving vouchers to more victims of Rawalpindi Ring Road is underway.

Rawalpindi Development Authority on Thursday 28th Jan 2021 decided to set up a special counter for the Rawalpindi Ring Road (RRR) victims. The decision was taken by Commissioner Rawalpindi Division, Project Director Ring Road Rawalpindi Captain (R) Muhammad Mahmood, and Director-General RDA Maqbool Ahmed. Land Acquisition Collector RDA Wasim Tabish was supervising the counter.

Waseem Tabish said that payment of money to RRR victims has been started. Owners of land can collect vouchers from Rawat Center.

Initially, the Counter will work for three days from 29th Jan 2021 on Friday to Sunday at Computer Center Rawat.

Land Acquisition Collector RDA Wasim Tabish has called the owners of lands at the office of Computer Center Rawat. These are all affected by Ring Road Rawalpindi at 31 Mozas. The exact location is from Rawat to Chakri Rawalpindi so that payments can be given to them.

The Land Acquisition Collector RDA held a meeting with owners of the lands at the office of Computer Center Rawat who were affected by RRR. About 22 km from Rawat to Chakri Rawalpindi. He said the owners of the lands will be paid the price of land at this counter.

News Source: The News International

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