Rawalpindi Deputy Commissioner (DC), Muhammad Ali Randhawa, directed Municipal Corporation & District Council to take notice of shabby & ramshackle buildings in certain areas of Rawalpindi. As per directives, both civic bodies have issued 285 red notices to the poor conditioned buildings’ owners.

Most of these buildings are used for mixed-purpose i.e. commercial & residential. As per the report, these buildings constructed before the independence of Pakistan i.e. at least 72 years. Owners are warned to evacuate & repair the infrastructure as soon as possible. Furthermore, they are given the time before monsoon to take necessary steps in repairing the damage.

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Some of these buildings are 3 to 4 floors high & serving as a shelter for more than 6 families at a time. Residents are advised to leave these dilapidated buildings & also to shift their valuables as soon as possible. In case of non-compliance, owners would be served with legal penalties. These run-down buildings are majorly situated in following areas:

  • Angt Pura
  • Bani Muhalla
  • Bara Bazar
  • Bhabra Bazar
  • Bohr Bazar
  • Ghazni Mohalla
  • Jhangi Muhalla
  • Lal Haveli
  • Moti Bazar
  • Namak MAndi
  • Naswari Bazar
  • Pul Shah NAzar
  • Shah Chan Charagh
  • Trunk Bazar
  • Usmanpura



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