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Mall of Arabia is an upcoming Arabic themed shopping mall. Its going to be a completely commercial hub. Mall of Arabia envisaged to become an indispensable-monument of Islamabad. The idea of this mall is to revive our legacy from the Arab world. Also, it intends to strengthen social unity & encourage bilateral cultural ties between Arabs & Pakistani community. Therefore, the theme of the mall is inspired by Arab architecture, traditions & infrastructure.

Moreover, the vision for the Mall of Arabia is to integrate our link with great Arab leaderships like Shah Faisal bin Abdul-Aziz, whom we still remember for the glorious icon, Faisal Masjid & Faisal Avenue in Islamabad. It is going to be a pioneer of Museum Malls in Pakistan indeed.

Mall of Arabia is a project of Imarat group of companies. It has successfully delivered Amazon Mall that also created on particular theme i.e. Amazonian Rain Forest. Furthermore, it has already constructed Hotels in Defense Housing Authority & G-11 sector in Islamabad. Presently, Amazon Mall 2 now renamed to Builders Mall already in the process of development.

Mall of Arabia Master Plan offers the unique experience of indoor shopping in distinct sectors dedicated for several brands & products. From a business perspective, it has an ideal location because of lack of indoor malls in the suburbs. It will be a great recreational place for the residents of several societies like Defense Housing Authority, Naval Anchorage, Gulberg Greens, PWD, Jinnah Gardens, Capital Enclave & many others.


Mall of Arabia is going to be a major business hub. It is spread over the area of 15 Kanals & will span up 8 floors. It is featuring dedicated commercial & entertainment section on each floor. Mall of Arabia Floor Plan includes Business Center for various enterprises. Meanwhile, luxury retail section presents the well-known local & international brands. This section sprawled over multiple floors.

In order to cater the entertainment needs, it is offering Children’s Park, Entertainment Center. Innovative & Arabian night-themed rides are planned in safe & welcoming environments. Offices, Food courts, Wellness Gyms, Thematic Floors mainly Shah Faisal, Egypt & Morocco are the other distinct feature of Mall of Arabia.


Mall of Arabia Location is unique in a way that it can be reached from all the areas of Rawalpindi & Islamabad. From main Islamabad Highway, its situated right at the entrance of Capital Encave. Exactly located on Present between DHA & Bahria Town, it can be reached through Koral Chowk, T-Chowk & PWD with ease.


It is offering Exclusive & Modern facilities in order to reflect high standard of urban development. The salient features of this mall include:

  • 24/7 Surveillance
  • Efficient Elevators & Escalators
  • Centrally Air Conditioned Mall & Offices
  • Spacious Corridors
  • High Quality Construction
  • Well-managed Parking area spread over 2 basements with 220 & 240 car parking’s on each floor respectively
  • Cuisines, Spa & Gym Facilities
  • Cinemas
  • Children Parks & Entertainment Center
  • Business Offices
  • Thematic Floors


Imarat Group of Companies owns Mall of Arabia, to understand who they are here are a few of the companies owned by the conglomerate that will help you get a detailed idea of how large the company really is. Agency 21,, Brando Marketing, Amazon Mall 1, Builders Mall, Mall of Arabia & their upcoming project Florence Galleria are all projects of the Imarat Group of Companies. Stay tuned for 2 new hotels being launched in G-11 Islamabad & DHA by the same developer.


The Structural Desing & Layout Plan for Mall Of Arabia is approved from CDA. The developer is actively pursuing the complete NOC from CDA.


Payment Plan of Mall of Arabia extensively discussed below:

Lower Ground Rs. 27,500 220
Ground Rs. 66,000 400 7.27
1st Floor Rs. 52,000 315 7.27
2nd Floor Rs. 44,000 265 7.23
3rd Floor Rs. 40,000 250 7.79
Offices Rs. 19,000 150 8.33
Food Court Rs. 21,000 150 8.1
Suites Rs. 14,000 110 9.43


Work carried out at a speedy pace, as of now the pilling is on going. Also, the management has taken over the park next to the mall from CDA parks. The main purpose is to further create a more thematic look for the mall.


In terms of investment it is outstanding option if you opting for Capital Appreciation or if you are looking to add passive income to your portfolio this an amazing option. There is only 1 thing that you must keep in mind knowing CDA & how they have dealt with E-11 what or how they will pursue Zone 5 Islamabad in future is a mystery.

So the deal which is being offered is guaranteed returns of 10% over a 6 months investment, 20% over a year period & 50% over a 2 year period. What this means in simple words is for example you invest 1 crore in this project after a 6 months period you will get a benefit of 10 lacks which means your total capital would increase 10%. Over a period of 1 year you 1 crore investment will have an increase of a minimum of 20% which means it will be 1.20 & so forth. The best part is this is a completely passive income, which means even if you are overseas the rental will keep coming in your account.

This is amazing project with solid developer market standing with an outstanding location, with very generous returns & given the location capital appreciation would be quite healthy, hence we would rank it 8/10 if you are planning to get good returns this is amazing option.




  • Kashif Ehsan April 17, 2020


    Please guide me which project of Garaana or Imarat group is best for investment, which has proper NOC from CDA.

  • Naser zafar September 24, 2020

    Please send me price info thanks

  • Rahman October 17, 2020

    Very good article. What is latest status of this project development and NOC? and do you suggest investing into this project?

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