Guide for Overseas to Invest in Pakistan Real Estate Market

Investing in Real Estate is always considered as best option for investment. Presently the realty sector of Pakistan is booming to soaring heights. Many new projects are developing here that break the typical norm of your regular master plan. Every single project introduces something innovative & unique. That is the reason that overseas community has started to take interest in Real Estate market of Pakistan. In the past few years, several expats & overseas clients have invested here. In other words, realty sector lures millions & billions.

When looking for such ventures, be extremely cautious & alert. They are always doubtful for investing their hard-earned money. If not researched properly, they fall prey to several scams & frauds resulting in the complete loss of their hard earned money. Moreover, because of their inexperience & unfamiliarity, realtors often gain advantage by indulging them in to tedious paperwork & others.

In this blog, we have offered you one-pack information to guide overseas to invest in Pakistan Real Estate Market. Without further ado, let’s start discussing these must-known for overseas investor.

  • Do your own Research
  • Get knowledge of market
  • Consult Legal Personnel
  • Always opt Authorized Sales Partner
  • Site Visiting is essential

Do your own Research

Everything starts from an information. Do not every rely on the information shared by realtors only. Always keep a hand full of knowledge at your own. You have to ask few questions to yourself.

  • What is purpose of buying property?
  • What is your budget?
  • If not enough, how to get more budget?
  • What is your current knowledge about property buying process?

Get knowledge of market

Search about different projects and get to know about things. You can get to know more about certain projects from property portals. Since, Pakistan Real Estate Market is getting more digital thus you can get first-hand knowledge from it. It will guide your property buying decision. Consult different forums & websites before drawing a conclusion.

Consult Legal Personnel

After getting all the information, consult a legal lawyer. Seeking an independent legal advice from professional is always a great idea. He or she will definitely help you in scrutinizing the legal documents to avoid scam & frauds.

Always opt for Authorized Sales Partner

Authorized Sales Partner, as the name suggests, are the one authorized by the actual developers to sell their project. Thus, there is no risk of as such fraud when dealing with Authorized Sales Partner.

Moreover, you can always get back to them for payment receipts, development status & every other updates as it part of their job to keep you up to date and provide after sales services.

Site Visiting is essential

Never rely on framed images or flowery phrases. Whenever, you intend to buy any property, the experts highly recommended by to visit the property. However, if you cannot manage to visit it yourself. Send your trustworthy person to visit the site. Visit is mandatory to know the ground realities about the project.

Moreover, if you are dealing with authorized sales partner then they will themselves offer you to visit the site. This is another mega advantage for dealing with Authorized Sales Partner.

These are some of the salient points to consider when you are dealing while sitting overseas.



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