Real Estate is a growing sector of Pakistan. Total $5.2 billion spent on construction and sale & purchase of residential & commercial plots annually in Pakistan. Data & Industry surveys from Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) estimates that the industry is worth around $700 billion.

There is a sense of soaring confidence in real estate sector after the PTI government assumed power, said Khaleej Times. The sector outlook seems brighter overall. Following is the main top 10 reasons, you should invest in Pakistan’s Real Estate now:

  • China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)

Pakistan believed to emerge as the Asian Tigers in near future soon after the completion of CPEC. CPEC is comprised of Gwadar deep sea port, highways, railways & pipelines. It is one part of the Chinese extensive One-Belt-One-Road initiative. It will connect China with over 70 countries.

This billion-dollar project will bring mega business opportunities in Pakistan. Various Chinese firms and corporations are set to work in Pakistan. Thus, it will be a great opportunity for Pakistani investors to work with international firms. Presently, various housing societies are already being developed with the cooperation of Chinese companies including Blue World City.

  • Gwadar Port

Through CPEC, Pakistan’s Gwadar City will be connected with Kashgar, China. Gwadar offers various investment opportunities in real estate sector. Gwadar, mega oil-city, slated to become Dubai in next two decades.

From investors point of view, the primary goal is to invest in property that offers long-term high return on investment. In this scenario, Gwadar scores high in real estate projects. Presently, the costs are relatively low. But the experts predict that the land cost will reach towering heights once the Gwadar port becomes operational.

Soon, it will become a hub of economic activities carried out by contractors, businessman, & real estate investors. That is why investors are actively investing in Pakistan’s real estate sector like never before.

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  • Economic Growth

Center for international development (CID) at Harvard University predicted the annual growth rate of Pakistan will be 5.07% within next decade. It will be second highest growth rate in Asian region. Thus bigger economy means more individuals moving in country to seek better opportunities.

In order to accommodate people, more housing societies will be needed. We are already running short of sophisticated and well-planned residential schemes.  Ultimately, there will be more opportunities for the investors who are willing to invest in real estate sector of Pakistan.

  • Digital-first country

According to Google, Pakistan is quickly becoming a “digital-first country”. The digital advancement has revolutionized the real estate sector of Pakistan as well.   Technological improvement has penetrated in all aspects of Real estate cycle-from designing till construction & from marketing till sales.

Economical & reliable flow of information has made the investment more convenient. Now, with just a swipe of fingers you can reach your potential buyer and seller. There are massive listing aggregate that have altered the real estate sector. The online portals now deliver a lot of analytical data at retail level without any cost.

Every other developer has its own digital presence on the web that can help the even the naive investors to gauge investment opportunities in micro-markets. Further, with the advent of technology in Pakistan, digital marketing platforms have also flourished. Facebook, twitter & several other sources have increased the awareness and generate interest in the investors and buyers equally.

  • State of the art ideas

Like other several sectors, the real estate in Pakistan is also getting sophisticated & advanced with the passage of time. The developers of various buildings & residential schemes are coming up with myriad of innovative and advance facilities and amenities to gain the edge in the highly competitive markets.

In Pakistan, high tech software along with advance machinery is being used to deliver more effective, environmental-friendly & aesthetically appealing homes and buildings. The concept of Smart City already introduced in Pakistan. The first ever smart city by name “Capital Smart City” is already developing. All these aspects have enhanced the investors confidence in real estate projects.

  • More Purchasing Power

The purchasing power of Pakistanis is increasing nowadays. Investors are sensibly cashing the residential demands to achieve high return on investment by investing in property in Pakistan. In the next few decades, its estimated that GDP will be in double digit. Thus, by analyzing these trends its best to invest in Real Estate sector now.

  • Urbanization

With the massive urban migration, the housing demands are increasing in cities & suburbs. People are moving towards well-developed cities to have better facilities & employment opportunities.

In order to fulfill these demands, several housing societies are built & various are under construction. But still there is need for more. Investment in real estate sector can be profitable and long term in this regard. In the famous words of Mark Twain “Buy Land, they’re not making it anymore.”

  • Competitive Markets

If you move out of the metropolitan cities like Islamabad, Lahore & Karachi,  you can hardly find any sophisticated housing scheme. Thus, investing in these areas & delivering over-the-top projects will surely offer high return on Investment.

  • Population growth

As compared to other countries in the continent, the population growth rate is 2.1% higher than other countries. Already Pakistan is the 6th most populous country in the world. Increased population means more need of housing societies, malls & other infrastructure. Thus, Pakistan is going to be a great region for investing in real estate business.

  • Growing sector

Real estate sector in Pakistan is presently at its growing stage. Experts predict that in near future there will be boom in this business. Furthermore, investment in real estate, if done with proper research, is a long term and one of the safest options. Investing in popular and trusted brands can offer high Return On Investment in this business.



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