The CDA will mandate 'recharge wells' for rainwater harvesting

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) announces that it intends to make recharge wells a requirement for all properties under its control for conserving rainwater. The proposal aims to make better use of available water resources and promote sustainable living. The initiative of ‘The CDA will mandate ‘recharge wells’ for rainwater harvesting in all houses’ is admirable.

Further, the wells will be set up during construction to harvest rainwater for a longer time and recharge groundwater aquifers more effectively, according to Sardar Khan Zimri, the deputy director general of water management.

Recharge your city’s water resources with rainwater harvesting through recharge wells

Rainwater may percolate into the ground and replenish the subsurface water table through the use of recharge wells. Moreover, this project aims to alleviate the local water deficit and ensure the sustainable use of water resources. Further, regarding the execution of this strategy, the CDA has not yet provided any more information.

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Further, the CDA proposal suggests that homeowners in Islamabad will need to construct recharge wells to conserve rainwater. Moreover, this is a plan to replenish depleted groundwater reserves in the city. The proposal will amend the existing by-laws mandating water tanks for rainwater storage.

Recharge wells are a sustainable solution during declining groundwater levels

According to Sardar Khan Zimri, the CDA’s deputy director general for water management, groundwater levels are falling throughout the city at a rate of four feet per year. For this, constructing recharge wells would be an effective solution to this problem.

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Further, the officials warn that rainwater harvesting, although a positive step, cannot fully address Islamabad’s worsening water crisis due to rapid population growth and urbanization. With the CDA providing only 70mgd out of 220mgd needed, new housing projects will only aggravate the water demand.

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