Taj Residencia is a lavish housing project in the heart of Rawalpindi. After the success of their first project The Centarus Mall the developer has decided to transition into a Luxury Housing Society. Generally speaking, this project is designed to fulfill both investor’s and genuine clients’ needs. The motto of Taj Residencia is “Live Your Dreams”& by the looks of the development, it sure will be.

The popularity of this project is increasing among local & overseas investors alike. Presently, Taj Residencia is in its developing stage. This is one of the Projects that are also in Top Residential Projects To Invest in Twin Cities.


Taj Residencia’s Phase-1 is announced and a large area is reserved for Phase-2 and further extensions. It is especially offering Residential Plots, Apartments & Villas. On the other hand, development is relatively small in comparison to other housing societies in suburbs. The total covered area in Taj Residencia is 1907 Kanals.

The whole phase-1 is divided into several blocks. Besides, it is comprised of particularly residential & commercial plots. Taj Residencia features Taj Villas of Modern, Mediterranean & Eclectic category in the areas of 5, 8, 10, 14 & 20 Marla.

In addition, its commercial hub is believed to have international-level and state-of-the-art commercial centers specifically. There is a lot of interest in the upcoming sector’s largest project including Centaurs Mall-II along with other surprising facilities & amenities. Royal Club Islamabad is also part of its master plan.

Here is a detailed Map of all the Blocks that are in the society:

Taj Residencia Islamabad LOCATION

A lot of people seem very confused as to where is Taj Residencia’s location, it is situated parallel to CDA sector I-14 & I-15 in Islamabad. Presently it has 3 major entrances. The first where the gate lies is on Sector I-14 Link Road. The second entrance is from CDA sector I-16. Upon the completion of Ring-Road Rawalpindi, it will get direct access from M2 Motorway Thalian Interchange to Lakhu Road.

Taj Residencia Location Map is ideally positioned at 18 minutes drive from the new Islamabad International Airport. Also, it can be reached within  7 minutes drive from the Quaid-e-Azam hospital. For now, its Address lies in close proximity to the twin city’s major attractions.

Please Note the Land Owned by Taj Residencia does not fall in CDA it is located in Rawalpindi. To Further elaborate, It is next to CDA sectors I-14 & I-15 but it is not Taj Residencia Islamabad.

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This Society is planned to set a new bar particularly in terms of development. It particularly promises to set a new name of luxury development in the town. With a good blend of advanced technology & resources, some of the offerings are as follows:

  • Gated Community
  • Uninterrupted & underground supply of Electricity, Sui Gas & Water
  • Advanced sewerage & waste collection system
  • High Security & Surveillance
  • Centaurus Mall-2
  • Royal Club
  • Sports Complex
  • Mini-Golf Course
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Safari Park, Theme Park, Water Park & Eye Park
  • Jamiah Mosques
  • Shopping Centers
  • Educational Institutes
  • International Standard Hospital & Healthcare units


The Owner of the Project Taj Residencia is The Sardar Group of Companies. It is a commercial real estate firm that has led, designed & constructed the luxury living market in Pakistan. In 2013, The Group’s achievement in setting an unrivaled international benchmark, far higher than ever achieved in Pakistan’s history. This took place when their state of the art mega project “The Centaurus” was designed, constructed & delivered.

Sardar Group of Companies (SCG) is certainly a proud developer & owner of this project. It is particularly well known for its remarkable construction in Islamabad, The Centaurus. This firm has earned a stellar reputation in the construction sector for providing particularly luxury living. Further, Taj Residencia is present in Rawalpindi & falls under the jurisdiction of the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA).

In addition, with this reputation for offering & operating luxury living in Pakistan, The Sardar Group of Companies deliver not only the finest living spaces but a lifestyle to match. Along with high-end features & amenities, our private estate provides a concierge lifestyle designed to meet all our resident’s needs. To ensure our world-class standards are maintained, The Sardar Group of companies manages all its project process from concept to completion.


Taj Residencia NOC is approved as per RDA. RDA has given Taj Residencia approval, for more details you can view the NOC on RDA’s.

More details available here: List of Approved Projects Under RDA


Luckily you have options in Taj Residencia plots on installment plan which we will discuss in detail. According to the Price Plan of Taj Residencia, bookings start from only a 20% down payment. Meanwhile, the remaining amount to be paid in 10 equal quarterly installments. Taj Residencia rates have an additional 10% charge for a selected plot in categories like Corner, Park Face & Main Boulevard facing. The Payment Plan of Taj Residencia is further elaborated below:

Sector Tulip, Lilly, Orchid & Gardenia (Possession-able) 1.5 Year Installment Plan

Plot Size Total Price 30% Down Payment 6 x Quarterly Installments 18 x Monthly Installments
25×50 6,500,000 1,950,000 758,333 252,778
30×60 7,500,000 2,250,000 875,000 291,667
35×70 9,500,000 2,850,000 1,108,333 369,444
40×80 12,000,000 3,600,000 1,400,000 466,667
50×90 15,000,000 4,500,000 1,750,000 583,334
75×120 25,000,000 7,500,000 2,916,667 972,222

Commercial Plots

Plot Size Total Price 30% Down Payment 6 x Quarterly Installments 18 x Monthly Installments
30×40 30,665,900 9,199,710 3,577,688 1,192,563

Sector Rose, Zinnia (Non Possession-able) @2.5 years Installment Plan

Plot Size Total Price 20% Down Payment 10 x Quarterly Installments 30 x Monthly Installments
25×50 6,000,000 1,200,000 480,000 160,000
30×60 7,500,000 1,500,000 600,000 200,000
35×70 9,500,000 1,900,000 760,000 253,333
40×80 12,000,000 2,400,000 960,000 320,000
50×90 15,000,000 3,000,000 1,200,000 400,000
75×120 25,000,000 5,000,000 2,000,000 666,667

Commercial Plots

Plot Size Total Price 20% Down Payment 10 x Quarterly Installments 30 x Monthly Installments
30×40 30,665,900 6,133,180 2,453,272 817,757


Taj Residencia booking is a very simple process. If you want to book a residential or commercial plot in Taj Residencia. Just Follow the simple steps for Taj Residencia booking details:

  1. Pay order of 20% down payment in favor of “Future Developments Holdings (Pvt) Ltd.
  2. Please Whatsapp or Email your credentials mentioned below so we can fill up your
    Taj Residencia application form. This Form is also known as the Taj Residencia booking form.
  3. Attach 2 passport size photographs of the Primary Applicant & next of kin (Nominee)
  4. Attach CNIC/NICOP copy of Primary Applicant & next of kin (Nominee)
  5. Submit your form, documents, and pay order to us to confirm your booking.
  6. Your file will be ready within 30 days and dispatched to your address.


taj residencia development

Taj Residencia development work completed specifically at Block A, B, C, and D. Block E & F are having their development work undergo at an efficient pace. Further, the bookings were opened only for developed blocks in the pre-launch period. Meanwhile, 3 houses are already built and 36 are under construction even before the official launch.

The development of roads, streets already underway while the provision of utilities through the underground system is already done. Further, Model Banglows are already under construction which is designed in a fully professional manner. They aimed to complete the project in commited time.



Payment Plans

taj residencia latest news


In terms of investment, it’s surely a long-term investment. If you are particularly opting for Capital Appreciation, it will take time. Also, the locale is being populated at an above-average rate. Thus, if you are considering a good return on your investment in 3-5 years, this is an appropriate option.

Taj Residencia prices

taj residencia owner

Before giving a proper assessment, there are a few factors that need to be kept in mind. Firstly, the location is right in the middle of Islamabad & Rawalpindi. However, the roads & infrastructure are considerably congested until a new highway construction. Thus, the main road leading to the sectors of I-14 & I-15 is a difficult sell.

We have received very positive Taj Residencia reviews from the market. Furthermore, there are few points that you should know before investing in this project. Firstly, the builder is the same as “The Centarus Mall” Islamabad which gives this society a considerable amount of credibility. Secondly,  the plots & villas are available in installments. It means it particularly caters to a larger segment of the population. Most importantly this is a NOC-approved society from RDA which further gives more credibility to this project. Keeping all of these points in view, we will rank it 7.5/10.




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    Great Article on Taj Residencia. Looks like a great community. Excited to see the completion of Centaurus Mall 2

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    Nice up to date information

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    I want a 5 marla plot on installment, kindly tell me the availability

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