Some Hidden Responsibilities & Costs of Owning a House in Pakistan

Owning a house is a dream of everybody. In Pakistan, owning a home in Pakistan is not as easy as these days. The main reason is the recent price hike. Moreover, the market fluctuations also plays pivotal role. Apart from the lump sum amount, there are also certain other hidden responsibilities & costs of owning a house in Pakistan.

In fact, sometime these hidden charges actually exceeds the sale price. In this blog we will peak in to these Hidden Responsibilities & Costs of Owning a House in Pakistan.

Taxation Charges

Property Tax is an obligation. It is usually paid after 3 or 12 months. Usually it is considered as an expense however property taxes are actually guaranteed annuity. Government charge of this amount is to provide amenities & civic services in return. It is a continuous flow of money.

Keep in mind property tax is determined by government. Moreover, it also depends upon the location & size of the plot.


Renovation is one of the most costly phase for homeowners. As home is personal property & everybody wants to customize it according to his or her liking. Other than that, interior designing fashion trends change by the season. Thus, in order to remain trendy & up-to-date, you need new color-theme, stylish curtains, unique ceilings, the list goes on & on.

In addition, renovation also becomes crucial for upcoming events like Eid or any wedding. Renovation requires big budget in this regard.

Utility Bills

You cannot escape the monster of utility bills. In light of present inflation rate, utility bills are sky high. There are variety of utility bills including:

  • Electricity
  • Sui Gas
  • Water
  • TV Cable
  • Internet

Home Fixtures & Maintenance

After a week, month or year, your home demands certain maintenance & fixtures. The list of these maintenance remain long. You cannot keep a count of these on fingers.

Repairing is better than replacement. Thus, do not delay things that needs repairing. As the more you wait, more you have to pay. As you cannot live with clogged gutters, broken glass windows or jam doors. Thus, these fixtures & maintenance demands require immediate expenses.

Pest Control

Depending upon the location, you might need pest control spray after every 6 months. Nobody like their home invaded by crawling creepy insects. No matter how clean you keep your house, these tiny intruders always find the way in your home.

Thus, in order to get rid of such bugs & cockroaches, this expense is compulsory. Moreover, it does not matter if the home is old or new, you cannot evade it.

In conclusion, these expenses are unavoidable. However, you can limit your expenditures in order to minimize them. Like spend amount wisely on renovation & utility bills. With accurate planning & savings, you can make save a lot.



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