sealed Safa Gold Mall

Safa Gold Mall looked to Supreme Court for an order that restricts Capital Development Authority (CDA) from demolishing the billion-worth edifice.

As per Dawn News Report, Safa Gold Mall Counsel Mr. Wasim Sajjad presented a petition before apex court. The petition said the questioned plot was bought for Rs 1.2 Billion. It was acquired in an open auction by the owner several years ago. Also it finances for development & construction of building was made through proper channels i.e. banking, from Saudi Arabia.

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The petition further stated that on May 12, 2009, a proposal was submitted to CDA by then Deputy Director General Planning-II. The main highlights of that proposal is described as below:

  • Suggestion to transfer the health directorate department of CDA from subjected plot.
  • Throws light upon the commercial value of location

Furthermore, as per petition submitted to Supreme Court, it was claimed that CDA had accepted that proposal together with commercial plot by-laws. Later on, 8 parties took part in bidding process after auction advertisement by CDA.

Petition requested Supreme Court to recheck facts & have another look on June 11 verdict regarding Safa Gold Mall’s plots status. In addition, it also tagged CDA’s statement that place was dedicated for hospital as incorrect & false.

Just the other day, CDA has sealed Safa Gold Mall’s, basement, management office & food court.



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