Royal Crown

Royal Crown is an upcoming fine project in the heart of Gulberg Greens Islamabad. It is coming up with great idea to present fine blend of residential units, commercial shops and corporate offices. Situated in pollution free environment and business hub, it is the most attractive and lucrative business opportunity at the time.

Royal Crown is developed the Overseas Royal Business Solutions (ORBIS). The developers of Royal crown has ensured the perfection even in minute details. You can view scenic beauty of Margalla Hills of Islamabad right from the Royal Crown terrace. It is presenting 1-Bed and 2-Bed apartments of various layouts. It is catering all the utilities needs in its commercial hub.  Further, the corporate offices are designed to be ideal for lucrative business deals.


Royal Crown Floor Plan is designed meticulously. The well-equipped corporate offices are present at 1st & 2nd floor. Meanwhile, Residential apartments are situated at 3rd, 4th and 5th floor.

In Residential Unit, it is offering

  • 1-Bed Apartment
  • 2-Bed Apartment

1-Bed Apartment is available in 2 different layouts as described following


  • Total area: 515 Sq. Ft
  • Bedroom: 12”x 15”
  • Lounge: 12”x12”
  • Washroom: 5”x7”
  • Terrace: 12”x3”


  • Total Area: 614 Sq. Ft
  • Bedroom: 14.5”x 12.4”
  • Lounge: 19.4”x14”
  • Washroom: 4.6”x8”
  • Terrace: 4”x5.6”


Royal Crown is located in Gulberg Greens, Islamabad. To be exact, it is situated in Business Square at Block C. Through Gulberg Expressway, Royal Crown is present at 11 minutes’ drive from Islamabad Express Highway.

It is present in close proximity of Islamabad and Rawalpindi via Islamabad Express Highway. Royal Crown Location is presumed as most significant and ideal from investment point of view.


All the modern day facilities are keenly concentrated in Royal Crown.


Royal Crown NOC is not shared yet.

Development Status

Development Status of Royal Crown will be updated shortly.

Price Plan

Following is the detailed price plan of Royal Crown for pre-launch booking

For Residential Unit

  • 553 Sq. Ft. for PKR. 4,147,500 (PKR. 99,000 as monthly installment)
  • 642 Sq. Ft. for PKR. 4,815,000 (PKR. 120,000 as monthly instalment)
  • 1107 Sq. Ft. for PKR. 8,302,500 (PKR. 220,000 as monthly installment)

For Commercial Shops

  • 300 Sq. Ft. (Lower Ground) for PKR. 9,900,000 (PKR. 275,000 as monthly installment)
  • 300 Sq. Ft. (Upper Ground) for PKR. 13,500,000 (PKR. 370,000 as monthly installment)

For Corporate Offices

  • 263 Sq. Ft. for PKR. 4,724,000 (PKR. 125,000 as monthly installment)
  • 360 Sq. Ft. for PKR. 648,000 (PKR. 175,000 as monthly installment)
  • 720 Sq. Ft. for PKR. 12,960,000 (PKR. 350,000 as monthly installment)

Booking starts from 10% down payment.

LOWER GROUND 300 10,500,000 26,25,000
GROUND 300 14,400,000 3,600,000
CORPORATE OFFICES 263 5,260,000 13,15,000
CORPORATE OFFICES 360 7,200,000  18,00,000
APARTMENTS 553 4,424,000 1,106,000
APARTMENTS 642 5,136,000 12,84,000
APARTMENTS 1107 88,56,000 22,14,000

Payment Plan of Royal Crown

Category Description Total Area SQ.FT. Rate per SQ.FT Total Price Down Payment 25%
Lower Ground Shops 300 35,000 105,00,000 26,25,000
Ground Shops 300 48,000 144,00,000 3,600,000
Corporate Offices Offices 263 20,000 52,60,000 13,15,000
Corporate Offices Offices 360 20,000 7200000 18,00,000
Apartments 1 Bed 553 8,000 44,24,000 1106000
Apartments 1 Bed 642 8,000 51,36,000 12,84,000
Apartments 2 Bed 1107 8,000 88,56,000 22,14,000


ORBIS is working in the real estate industry since 2014. It is providing real estate consultation, facilities & services. As a prime international real estate company, they address the needs of international clients across the globe as well.

The main aim of ORBIS is to ensure the social consolidation and community building of Pakistanis worldwide with the aim of developing a stronger and advanced nation.



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