Rawalpindi Cantonment Board (RCB) & Chaklala Cantonment Board (CCB) is all set to take action against those using residential properties for commercial purposes.  RCB has marked 125 such residential properties while CCB has pointed out 50 such buildings. The crackdown would be started soon right after Eid-ul-Fitr vacation.

According to News Sources, the crackdown will be carried out in 2 phases as described below:

  • 1st phase: All the buildings would be sealed or demolished
  • 2nd Phase: All the lease agreement would be cancelled

Under Cantonment Act 1924 Section 185 & 256, the owners would be notified to cease & refrain from any such business activities in these residential category edifices. In case of non-compliance, under phase 2 of this crackdown, their leasing agreement would be cancelled.

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CCB has already issued warning notices to the building owners while RCB will soon start this process. These running business includes beauty salons, health clinics & hospitals, massage centers, marriage centers, property offices, showrooms, commercial shops & plazas as well.

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In previous year, both government bodies have notified more than two hundred educational institutes to leave the residential buildings as soon as possible in effect of orders of Supreme Court that gave them deadline of 3 years. Meanwhile, Ministry of Defense has already cancelled the lease of 14 such non-compliant schools.



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