Pakistan Economy

Keeping in view of Pakistan’s Economic situation showed positive signs after mid of the year & all negative woes concerning Pakistan have vanished into thin air. Several industries particularly Real Estate have experience tremendous boom. Presently, Pakistani economy has environment that is conducive for business stability & is further stabilized by political reforms & political stability. Within limited period of 3 months, we have witnessed much positive trends. As per equity index, we have been tilted as  “Globally Best Performer”.

There are several indicators that points towards brightest economic prospects. In this blog, we will discuss how some of the main factors contributing in strengthening the economic potential.

Real Estate

Real Estate is the gradually becoming the flourishing sector of Pakistan. Overall, the bar of living standard is rising tremendously. Many state of the art societies are being built. As a result of this overseas Pakistanis & Expats alike are intending to invest their hard-earned money in their motherland, Pakistan. The market is heating up with particularly positive graph bar.

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International Monetary Funds (IMF) Satisfaction

Recently, IMF delegation had visited Islamabad on October 28 to November 8 2019. They have reached staff-level agreement. In their review, they have expressed extreme confidence & surety on significant performance. In this regard, they have appreciated the economic team for their:

  • Net international reserves achievement
  • Declining net foreign currency swaps
  • Decline in Primary Deficit
  • Receding Inflation Rate
  • No loan Policy from State Bank of Pakistan

IMF & Investor’s Confidence

IMF has released its first installment in the month of August 2019. Just after the cash flow in the market, we have witnessed the overall satisfaction among global investors.

IMF itself is a reputable institution in the financial market & institutions. Global Financial Institutions showed a sense of conviction & reliance while investing in Pakistan due to its connection with IMF. As investors believe that IMF is keenly observing the countries economy. This trust is further strengthened by IMF Review Reports. Foreign investment has increased to 137% in the year FY20.

As a result, various Pakistani startups have succeeded to rake in foreign investments. Some of them includes

  • Airlift
  • Swvl
  • Tellotalk
  • Queno
  • Mauqa

Stock Exchange Upraise

It is one of the most positive trends seen in the last four months. On a single day of November 11 2019, Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) increased by 824 points. Thus  market grows by 2.29% and settled at 36,803.10. By mid-November, market jumped up by 3,000 points. In other words, 9% increase as a whole. Moreover, if we analyze the trends from August, approximately KSE grows by 9000 points in a record short time which clearly shows investors faith in the Pakistani market.

Also, for now, Pakistan Stock Exchange is the world’s 3rd best performing stock exchange.

Ease of Doing Business in Pakistan

According to World Bank, Pakistan is among the top performer in providing ease to entrepreneurs 2020. Also, It is one of the biggest improvements in this respective index as well. Pakistan jumps up by a whopping 28 places. As a result, Pakistan secured 108th position in the world index. Meanwhile, in 2019 index, Pakistan was at 136th place.



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    Much informative article! it’s great to see your effort and knowledge about Pakistan Real estate property in Pakistan.

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