PM Imran Khan Orders to Set up Islamabad Special Technology Zone

PM Imran Khan Orders to Set up Islamabad Special Technology Zone

Information technology was a great focus for his government, says Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan. The world is on information technology and to keep Pakistan on the list, we need to focus more on IT-related projects. Prime Minister Imran Khan, directed his team to establish a Special Technology Zone.
The Prime Minister chaired the second meeting of the board of Governors of Special Technology Zone. Moreover, he said that the Government will try its best to provide all possible facilities to the investors to feel more encouraged towards profitable business activity.
Thus, the second meeting of the board of Special Technology Zone (STZ) focuses on different factors like transforming authority into a dynamic body. And on transferring technology and boosting investment in the foreign portals. Further  Promoting development research and creating more opportunities for youth. Increasing exports in the information technology sector. Moreover, the meeting of the board approved to promote STZ rules 2021 in the country. The authorities direct departments to establish the Islamabad Special Technology zone as early as possible.



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