Nexus Mall

Nexus Mall:

Nexus Mall is a new venture by Edge Stone. It is a reflection of luxury and class. This is ideally the tallest project in Islamabad. Nexus Mall is developed in Bahria Town in the area of 12.93 Kanal. Its heart-winning design gives a unique, comfortable, and convenient experience to the residents. Many world-class amenities with a whole new concept of living will be available in this mall. Most importantly, this project is based on the concept of return on investment which is also offered by very few projects in twin cities.


Nexus Mall (NM) is a top-class project located in the ideal location of Bahria Town Phase 8. It is located near one of the top site attractions that is Statute of Liberty. The location of these projects makes it even more attractive and perfect for investment. It is easily accessible through Safari Valley, Defence Housing Authority Villas, and Bahria Expressway. Moreover, it is located right behind Grand Millennium and it is a very heightened plot. In a nutshell, it is located in the hub of economic activities. Nexus Mall is a completely commercial building with commercial shops and hotel suites apartments.

It is currently in its prelaunch stage. The booking will be on approximately 10% of its total value. It has a payment plan of three years and the developer will deliver the project at approximately the end of 2024. At the moment, bookings are going on for the lower ground, ground floor, first floor, and second floor. Hotel Suite apartments are also under the booking.

Return on Investment:

Nexus Mall is a return on the investment-based project which will give hefty profits to its investors. It is a completely passive income project. The return on investment of the Nexus Mall will vary from 0.8% to 0.9%. This percentage solely depends on the investor that what he will buy. Furthermore, the minimum amount of investment starts from the price range of Rupees 1,500,000, and the return on investment on this amount per month will be Rupees 12,500. The developers of Nexus Mall also committed that they will bring in brands in the mall and then they will start giving the instant return on investments.


The developers of this skyscraper are Edgestone. They have lots of experience in the relevant field. They have many projects across the country. Some of those includes Opal Square, Grand Millennium, and Titanium Heights. Moreover, they have successfully developed and delivered their projects which shows their credibility and trust. All their projects reflect the high quality and magnificence. This depicts their dedication and loyalty towards their commitment.



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