Multi Gardens B-17

Multi Gardens B-17 is one of the most successful scheme in Islamabad. It is sprawled over an entire CDA sector of Islamabad which is B-17. With idealistic planning, it is offering plots at unbelievably reasonable rates in the heart of Islamabad. Started in 2004, the main aim of the society was to fulfill the housing needs of various income range individuals, with most of the plots selling on installments.

It is a project presented by Multi-Professional Cooperative Housing Society (MPCHS). Multi Gardens B-17 is counted in leagues of famous & reputable housing societies in Islamabad Zone 2. It has contributed a lot to enhance the splendid beauty of Islamabad. 2 sectors of  E-11, also known as Golra Sharif, were also developed by MPCHS. They are the proud developers of Silver Oaks in F-10 Markaz. In all of its projects, it has overachieved in its delivery.

From the beginning, Multi Gardens B-17 succeeded to gain the interest of investors, local & overseas alike. It has shown the consistent & reliable progress over this time period.


Multi Gardens B-17 Master Plan is divided into many blocks because of its vast land. It offers residential plots of various sizes that fulfill the demands of different family density & every income group. Map of B-17 is shown below:

Map of B-17
Map of B-17
Residential Plots

The Residential Plots available in following categories:

  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 12 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
Commercial Plots

The project also offers commercial plots in following categories:

  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 10.2 Marla
  • 11 Marla
  • 12 Marla


Multi Gardens is situated at sector B-17 of Islamabad. This eminent housing society faces the magnificent beauty of Margalla Hills. Due to its ideal location, it is considered as the most lucrative opportunity for investors. It has direct connectivity linked to Grand Trunk Road. Meanwhile, from the western side, it is directly connected to Motorway M-1. The proposed interchange from Motorway for direct linkage with Multi Gardens B-17 Location has already been approved.

The phase-1 (Block A, Block B and Block C & Block C-1) is situated alongside of G.T road. It is a few kilometers away from Taxila Bypass. Nowadays, phase 2 comprised of Block D, E,F & G. Furthermore, Block G announced in 2018 that it will be directly linked to Motorway. Thus, Multi Gardens B-17 will be minutes away from New Islamabad International Airport. Moreover, Faisal Town F-18 is only 10 Km away.


Multi Gardens has set a standard bar regarding the provision of these excellent services. With its natural beauty & prime location, its tempting investors to invest in this worthwhile housing scheme. The key facilities offered by its developers include following:

  • Boundary walls & Gated Community
  • Underground electricity system
  • Community centers
  • Educational Institutes
  • Healthcare Centers
  • Top restaurants & Hotels
  • 24/7 security & surveillance
  • Attractive water bodies
  • Park & play areas
  • Provision of basic utilities
  • Mosques
  • Filtration Plant
  • Dedicated Club for B-17 residents


MPCHS is developing Multi Gardens B-17. It aims to incorporate credibility, competence and transparency in their work. Till now, MPCHS has delivered a number of projects including 2 sectors of E-11, Silver Oaks & many more.

Its an institution to enhance investment in real estate industry of Pakistan. Moreover, provision of quality housing schemes is the utmost priority of MPCHS.


Capital Development Authority (CDA) has approved NOC of Multi Gardens Phase-1, comprised of 7673 Kanals, approved in 2004. In addition, NOC of Multi Gardens Phase-2 has been approved in 2008 for 4480 Kanals area.


The complete inventory of Multi Gardens B-17 is already sold out. Its reselling on profit basis. Keep in mind that following is the Price Plan of Multi Gardens B-17 given below are a range in which the plots are being traded & these change based on current market supply & demand. Details as below:

5   MARLA 8  MARLA 10 MARLA 14    MARLA 1 KANAL 2      KANAL
Block-A Not  Available Not  Available  70 lac Not  Available 85-1.5 C 2-315 C
Block-B Not  Available 70-75 lac 90-1.2C  80-1.5 C 1.10-1.45 2.15-3.15
Block -C Not  Available 45- 75 lac 55-95 lac 75-1.15 C 90-1.15C Not  Available
Block-C- 1 40-55 55-80 lac 45-80 lac 75-1.15 C 90-1.50 C Not  Available
Block-D Not  Available 25-55 lac 35-65 lac 55-75 lac 50-80 lac Not  Available
Block -E Not  Available 35-75 lac 45-80 lac 75-95 lac 80-1.15 C Not  Available
Block-F 30-45 35-55 lac 55-75 lac 65-80 lac 85-1.15 C Not  Available
Block-G 26-45 35-60 lac 50-70 lac 55-70 lac 60-80 lac Not  Available


The possession is already granted to fully developed plots in Block A, Block B,  Block C, Block C-1, Block D, Block E, Block F. The main entry-gate is operational for two-way traffic along the G.T Road. Meanwhile, 2 Tube-wells are also fully operational. In Block G, the development work has started long ago. Now, more than 90% of work related to roads & its carpeting completed.

Why Invest in B-17

I will give a few reasons as to why this is one of the best place to invest or why you should opt for it:

A) Ideally located given that the road from shah allah ditta is being made it is just a matter of time that Margalla road will have all these societies inter-linked.

B) Yes B-17 is a CDA sector no doubt about this. If you would like to get into technicalities A, B & part of C is a 100% part of CDA however the remaining land was acquired by near by villages. Be vary there is part of C & D which are not yet part of the society.


Initially when the developer was accepting the bookings these were the requirements:

2 Pictures of Main Applicant

2 Pictures of Nominee

Copy of ID card of Main Applicant/ Passport Copy if Overseas Client

Copy of ID card of Nominee/ Passport copy if Overseas Nominee Client


B-17 is a CDA sector in zone 2 Islamabad. Very affordable sector which is part & parcel of the Capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad. A very anticipated society as their main focus was to enhance the living of the middle class people all of their plots were on installments from the very beginning.

The project main man behind the scenes is Chaudry Majeed a very well known developer & chairman of Zedem International & MPCHS. Due to their previous track record of delivering projects before hand they have consistently delivered their projects, which has created a very positive image for this developer.

So 7 blocks out of which they have delivered 6 till F block. F block still has certain areas that are not possession-able but overall this is unbelievably remarkable society. G block is the upcoming development work is on going here at an extremely fast pace. Overall all things considering this is our first priority society for short to mid term investors we give it a Solid 10/10



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