A multi-billion project named Margalla Avenue Project is underway. It will launch soon in two phases. As per the plan, FWO or Frontier Works Organization and Capital Development Authority (CDA) will construct around 35 Km long Margalla Highway. It will be linked with M 1 through GT Road.

The first phase of this project will comprise a 24-foot wide carriageway that will be from Sangjani toll plaza to E-10 Sector. The Bhara Kahu would also be a part of Margallah Highway. It will be from Constitution Avenue to N 75 Murree Road.

A part of it will also be constructed from D 12 to Constitution Avenue. This will help in boosting up economic activity too. Moreover, the plus point of this project is that it will not affect the beauty of the Margalla and no trees or greenery will be affected by this Margalla Avenue.

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