On 14th April 2021, (Lahore Development Authority) LDA City Jinnah sector, issued allocation letters through balloting. The plot numbers are also issued for the owner of the plots. Quarterly payment for development has also been collected. The last date for submission of the third installment was in March 2021. As far as the fourth installment is concerned, its last date is 30th June 2021. Those who will not submit the payment on time will have to pay an extra 17.5% as the penalty.

The owners of the files that were included in balloting can submit the development charges in four installments and get an allocation letter from the office of LDA City in Johar Town, Lahore. To get the allocation letter, make sure to bring along a copy of the slip of paid development charges, original exemption letter, and CNIC.

As per precautionary measures, those who are aged or affected by COVID 19 can get the allocation letter by sending any family member with the authority letter.



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