Lakeway Cottages Naran:

Lakeway Cottages are located in Naran. It takes the idea of serenity and tranquility to a whole new level. These cottages provide you a great living experience with breathtaking views. For sure Lakeway cottages are going to be completely therapeutic.

Lakeway Cottages Naran Features:

Unlike many other cottages or platforms in the Northern Area, Lakeway Cottages comprises all the up-to-date facilities. It comprises all the things one requires to have a luxurious vacation. With the uncountable facilities available in Lakeway Cottages Naran, the Following are some of the topmost important that one should need to know:

  • Location:

The location of this project is Naran, which is enriched with natural beauty and serenity. One of the most important thing that one can find her is its tranquility. It is no doubt a great place to revitalize yourself.

  • Cafes:

Unlike other hotels and small cafes around the area, Lakeway Cottages offer you English-styled cafes. These cafes have the environment that one craves for.

  • Water and Electricity Connection:

Lakeway Cottages offers 24/7 water and electricity connections. Although the areas of the North don’t have these kinds of facilities still the developers of this project are trying their best to provide as comfortable an environment as possible.

  • Recreational Activities:

This project also gives many recreational activities to its residents. Such recreational activities include rafting, archery, zip-lining, and wall climbing, bonfire, horse riding, and much more. These activities will help the residents and visitors to rejuvenate.

  • Serene Views:

Lakeway Cottages Naran is enriched with vibrant nature and serene views. The exterior look of the cottages of this project shows wooden structures with great finishing and a stunning theme. This overall gives such a great environment to live in.

  • Exquisite Interior:

The interior of Lakeway Cottages Naran represents a whole new level of the environment in it. Moreover, from all the perspectives, this project provides an unbelievable experience that one craves.

  • Home Accessories:

All the home accessories will be provided in this project. From home appliances like an electric oven to home accessories like sofa, bed, etc. all are provided in it.

Lakeway Cottages Naran Floor Plan

The layout Plan of Lakeway Cottages is very attractive. Since the cottages are located in the middle of tall meadows and beautiful lakes. The Cottages consist of 3 stories.

  1. First Floor
  2. Ground Floor
  3. The Attic
  • Ground Floor

Ground Floor Consists of 2 spacious bedrooms along with attaching restrooms for each room. A Powder room lies in the middle of the Ground floor.

A luxury and ample sized kitchen is also available on the Ground floor and the Cozy Television lounge is waiting to amuse the guests. To enjoy food with your family, there is a proper dining area right next to Kitchen.

  • First Floor

If we take a look at First Floor it is a little bit different from that of ground Floor. On First Floor, there is a total of 2 Portions. Each portion contains a bedroom with an attached washroom. A spacious lobby with kitchen and Lounge is also warmly welcoming the guests staying there.

  • The Attic

The Attic is the Top Floor of the Lakeway Cottages and presents serene views of the most magnificent “Jheel Saif-ul-Malooq.” The Attic is not very much different from the First Floor. It also contains two separate portions. Each Portion Includes a bedroom with attach Restroom. A kitchen, Dining Space, and TV Lounge.

Lakeway Cottages Naran Location:

Lakeway Cottages Naran is located in Naran. It is a beautiful town in the Mansehra District which is in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Naran is a valley that is surrounded by lush green areas. It has green Himalayan Mountains with dark and dense Alpine Forest. Moreover, it is one of the most desirable and attractive destinations for travel lovers. The breathtaking beauty of this valley gives it an edge over any other place. Its scenic beauty makes it even more attractive. Furthermore, it is the main focus to make a balance and harmony between nature and modern facilities.

Lakeway Cottages Naran NOC:

The NOC or No Objection Certificate of Lakeway Cottages Naran is under process. They have submitted all the required documents and hopefully, soon they will receive their NOC letter from the authorities.

Lakeway Cottages Naran Price Plan:

There are two types of payment plans that are offered by Lakeway Cottages. One is a one-year payment plan and another one is two years payment plan. In a one-year booking plan, the booking and confirmation is 30% in total whereas in a payment plan of two years the booking amount is 15% and confirmation charges are 15%. Both payment plans have 11 monthly installments and the applicant has to pay a 15% payment on possession. Furthermore, there are three types of floor plans are the attic, 1 bedroom, and two bedrooms, and its payment is Rupees 5,445,000, Rupees 7,500,000, and Rupees 16,500,000 respectively. The sizes of these three slots are 495 sqft for the attic, 750 sqft for 1 bedroom, and 1500 sqft for two bedrooms.

Lakeway Cottages Naran Booking Procedure:

Following is the booking procedure of Lakeway Cottages Naran:

  • 2 copies of CNIC of the main applicant
  • Two copies of the CNIC of the nominee
  • 2 passport size photographs of the applicant
  • Two passport size photographs of the nominee




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