Islamabad is capital of Pakistan. Among many others, Islamabad is 2nd most beautiful capital around the globe. Furthermore, it is also one of the most beautiful city in the world. It is known as city of green. This city is properly planned thus you could not find any such haphazard infrastructures here.

In addition, being the capital of Pakistan, it also host several top government official buildings. This is the main reason why real estate price is higher as compared to other cities of Pakistan. In this blog, we particularly throw light upon the 10 major government offices located in Pakistan.

Supreme Court of Pakistan

It is certainly apex court that has higher authority among all other legal institutions. For all the legal & constitutional matters, Supreme Court of Pakistan decisions are considered as final verdict. Total number of judges in Supreme Court are 16 excluding Chief Justice of Pakistan.

Election Commission of Pakistan

Among several others, Election Commission of Pakistan is indeed a key government office. It has responsibility of organizing & conducting state parliament, provincial and local government’s election particularly. It is the key player in conducting elections in Pakistan. Election Commission of Pakistan has a 5-member panel. It consists of 4 representatives from each province & a Chief Election Commissioner who leads all of them.

Pakistan Stock Exchange

Pakistan Stock Exchange, commonly known as PSX, is a eminent government office working in Islamabad. In this multi-story building where stocks are traded every second. Information is fluctuating based on the condition of the Pakistan’s stock market & the economy. In other words, it is a digitized market place. It is reliable source for systematic & organized data for investors across the country.

State Bank of Pakistan

Just like the economy of Pakistan, without State Bank of Pakistan this list will be  incomplete. It acts as a central bank of the country. The main responsibility of State Bank of Pakistan includes regulating the monetary system followed in other private & public banks across Pakistan. Moreover, it also monitors the flow of currency in the market.

National Accountability Bureau

National Accountability Bureau is also known as NAB. This institution established constitutionally in 1997. It is responsible for point out & taking all legal actions against corruption & financial crimes. It especially has the liberty to take actions independently. NAB runs under its Chairman & the Prosecutor General of Pakistan.

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These are some of salient government buildings or offices located in Islamabad. There are plenty of others including President and Prime Minister Houses, ministries official offices. Different embassies, federal board of revenue.




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