Illegal Housing Schemes In RDA

Un Approved / Under Process Housing Societies in RDA

Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) is a civic agency. Since its inception, March 1992, it envisaged the standard & quality development in territory of Rawalpindi District. RDA was established under Punjab City Development Act 1976. In its jurisdiction almost 311 Square yards area falls and from Rawal Town & 64 revenue Estates of Potohar Town.

As per census report, high population influx have seen in both Rawalpindi & Islamabad. Consequently, large number of residential & housing schemes are being developed to cater the residential needs in Rawalpindi.

RDA is striving to play its role in maintaining & enhancing the development standard of infrastructure in Rawalpindi District. In addition, this body has its own prescribed rules & guidelines. RDA approves only those societies as legal who actually follow prescribed guidelines. All other incompetent projects considered as Illegal Housing Societies by RDA.

Furthermore, this agency publish list of Illegal Housing Schemes In RDA jurisdiction with there Approved Layout Plans (LOP) frequently on its official website. In short, residential schemes fall under the jurisdiction of RDA will be considered unapproved if it fails to meet parameters prescribed under Punjab City Development Act 1976.

RDA unapproved & illegal housing schemes list is divided into district wise. Here at, we provide you with most updated illegal housing schemes list by RDA.

List Of  Illegal Housing Schemes In RDA

Sr.No. Name of Scheme Location/ Mouza
1  Jinnah Town Adyala
2 Airport Employees Co-operative Housing Society Kot Jabbi
3 Gulshan-e-Ali Adyala
4 Janjua Town 1 Kaliyal
5 Janjua Town 2 Kaliyal
6 Janjua Town 3 Kaliyal
7 Khayaban-e-Millat Adyala
8 Rasool Town Kotha Kalan
9 National Town Jatal
10 Khayaban-e-Quaid Adyala
11 T&T Housing Society Morgah
12 OGDC Town Dhagal
13 Hamza Town Kaliyal
14 Sanghar Town Gangal
15 Gulshan-e-Iqbal Mohri Ghazan
16 Fazal Town(Phase2) Chaklala
17 Gulberg Town Dhagal
18 Lake Vista Residential(Rawal City) Dhoke Abdullah
19 Palm City Kot Jabbi
20 Jabbar City Chaklala
21 Usman Block Kot Jabbi
22 Jublee Town Kaliyal
23 Lawyers Town/ Wakeel Colony Kot Jabbi/ Chaklala
24 Radio Colony Kalri
25 Federation Of Employees Co-operative Housing Society Lohi Bher
26 Samarzar Housing Project Kaliyal
27 Gulraiz Housing Scheme Kotha Kalan
28 Metro Homes Kaliyal
29 Babar Homes/Gulshan-e-Babar Kaliyal/ Dhagal
30 Paras Villas/Raja Abid Homes Kaliyal/ Jorian
31 Alflah Homes Kaliyal
32 Maryum Green City Adyala Road
33 French Housing Scheme Adyala Road
34 Executive Homes/Abad Pearl Villas Adyala Road
35 Waddya Homes Adyala Road
36 Safari Green Homes Adyala Road
37 Kings Town Kaak
38 Addan Homes Dhamyal
39 Rawal Enclave Hayal Ranyal, Chakri Road
Khayaban-e-Millat Adyala
OGDC Employees Cooperative Housing Scheme Dhagal
Khayaban-e-Quaid Adyala
40 Raja Nisar (Land Sub Division) Kalyal
41 Shahpur Town Kalri
42 Raja Qasim (Land Sub Division) Kalri
43 Abid Homes(Land Sub Division) Kalri
44 Samar Zar Villas(Land Sub Division) Kalyal
45 Akbar Villas(Land Sub Division) Morgah
46 Saphire Valley Sub-Division Shah Pur, Dhagal
47 Hasan Homes(Land Sub Division) Kalri
48 Bahria Town Scheme Dhagal
49 (Land Sub Division) Near T&T Housing Scheme Morgah
50 Morgah Hills(Land Sub Division) Morgah Defense Road
51 Merry Land City Adyala
52 Safa Valley(Land Sub Division) Noon
53 Fatima Town Misriot
54 Al-Buraq Enclave(Land Sub Division) Bagga Sheikha
55 Al-Karim Builders Bagga Miana, Sangrial
56 Taqwa Town Bagga Sheikha
57 Shahbaz Villas Kotha Kalan
58 A.M Town Chaklala
59 City Homes Bagga Sangrial
60 Sarat Enterprises(Shiraz City ) Bagga Sheikha
61 Mohafiz Garden Rawat
62 Zitoon City Karpal, Channi Sher Alam
63 Sangar Town Gangal
64 Garden City Takhtat Pari
65 Safari Homes And Khalid Block Bahria Town Takhtat Pari
66 Raffi Block Bahria Town Takhtat Pari
67 Wazir Town (Jabbar Town) Chaklala
Usman Block Kot Jabbi
68 Executive Villas(Land Sub Division) Kot Jabbi/ Chaklala
69 Executive Homes Kalyal Kalri
70 Ch.Orangzeb (Land Sub Division) Kaak Sheikhpur
71 Sardar Town Dhoke Peera
72 Globel Avenue Phase 1 Chakri
73 Airport Town Thalian
74 Defense View
75 National Police Foundation Co-operative Housing Society Rawat

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List of Illegal Housing Schemes Town Municipal Administration, Potohar Town Tehsil, Rawalpindi


Sr.No. Name of Scheme Location/ Mouza
1 Chanar Valley Chahan, Chakri Road
2 Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission Employees Co-operative Housing society Jonial, Chakri Road
3 Shad Abad Model Town Khasala, Chakri Road
4 City Model Town Khasal Kalan, Adyala Road
5 National Garden Chahan, Chakri Road
6 Ex-Service man Housing Scheme Kolian Par, Chakri Road
7 Bahria Town Phase 9,8 Lari Myana, Adyala Road
8 New Iqra City Koliyan Par, Chakri Road
9 Al-Haram City Koliyan Par, Chakri Road
10 Farmaniat City Habtaal, Chakri Road
11 Al-Jannat City Chakri Road
12 Al-Badar Motorway Chakri Road
13 Bahria Lari Miana Adyala Road
14 Gulf City Masroot, Chakri Road
15 Gulshan-e-Islam Khasala Khurd, Adyala
16 Gulshan-e-Kashmir(1,2) Kolian Par, Chakri Road
17 Pir Mehar Ali Shah Town Hayal Ranyal, Chakri Road
18 Posh City Khasal Khurd, Adyala
19 Khyber Model Town Chakri Road
20 Pak PWD Chakri Road
21 Peace City Chakri Road
22 Agro Farm project Habtaal,Chakri Road
23 Allama Iqbal Colony Ranyal, Chakri Road
24 Alkosar Habtaal, Khinger
25 City Farm House/City Town Traia
26 Syed Farm House Chakri
27 Airport Residencia Thallian Katarian
28 International City Chakran
29 Safari Green Homes Dhalah Khasala
30 Ideal Agro Farm House Khasala Khurd, Adyala
31 Abdullah City Sahal Rajor, Chakri Road
32 Safari Green Farm House Hoon Sharif
33 City Model Town Koliyaan Parr
34 Islamabad Farm House Phase2 Sood
35 Islamabad Farm House Phase3 Hoon Sharif
36 CPEC Resort Housing Scheme Chakri Road
37 Overseas Enclave Misriot, Chakri Road
38 International City Chakri Road
39 Green Farm House Dhehdad, Malokal, Mujahid
40 Qartba City Mujahid
41 Cape Town Habtaal
42 Model Residencia Toop Kalyal
43 Magma City (Rejected) Sehal
44 Mehmood Town Misriot, Dhamial road
45 Al-Kosar Valley Habtaal
46 CPEC Scheme Habtaal

List Of  Illegal Housing Schemes Tehsil, Murree

Sr.No. Name of Scheme Location/ Mouza
1 Hussain Resorts-1 Bardaha
2 Federal Govt. Employees Co-operative Housing Schemes Manga
3 Jan Tarce Numbel, Lakoot
4 Green Tarce Trait/Manga
5 Royal Town Trait/Manga
6 Oil & Gas Development Co-Operation Trait/ Karlot
7 Sun City Trait/ Salgran
8 Murree Hills Co-operative Housing Society Trait/Samli Tajjal
9 Wapda Housing Society Salkhetar
10 Asia Housing Society Salkhetar/ Salla
11 Ahbab housing Society Mohra Iswal
12 Prascrate Corporation Company Trait/ Salkhetar
13 Pakistan Council of Architects and Develpers Trait/Manga
14 Islamabad Garden Nadarad
15 Green Valley Farm Houses Project Numbal/ Khajat
16 Judicial Town Trait/ Karlot
17 Sanam Garden Trait/ Chattar
18 Green Valley Farm Houses Project Khajot Expressway Murree
19 Kohsar Valley Phase1 Charahan Angoori Road
20 Kohsar Valley Phase2 Charahan Angoori Road
21 Sary Chaniota Charahan
22 Murree Garden Charahan Angoori Road
23 Murree Model Village/Murree Resort Charahan Angoori Road
24 Chachal Housing Society Bun
25 Royal Housing Society Charahan Angoori Road
26 Murree Green City/Al-Qadir Homes Missiari Expressway
27 Green Gardens Rawat PC Road
28 Al-Noor Valley Kashmir Bazar/ Mohra Eswal
29 Al-Fajr Greens Murree Housing society Barori/ Gora Gali
30 Season Valley Urvari
31 Murree Green Home Patriata
32 Commoners Development Trait/Manga
33 Murree Hills Corporative Housing Society Trait/ Samli Tajjal
34 Utility Corporative Housing Mohra Iswal
35 Proscrate Corporation company Trait/Manga
36 Pakistan Atomic Energy Housing Society Trait/22 Meel
37 Utility Corporative Housing Trait/22 Meel
38 Manava Construction/Country Club Trait/22 Meel
39 Hill Top Mohra Syaddain
40 Patriata Model village Charhan
41 Center Point Charhan/ New Murree
42 Shah Garden Lakoot/ Numbel
43 Iqra Garden Lakoot/ Numbel
44 Valley View Residency Lakoot/ Numbel
45 Hill Top Lodges Haddi Villas Barahooter/ Mussiari
46 Mall View Garden Lakoot/ Numbel
47 Murree Lages Chahan Angoori Road
48 Murree Green Garden

List Of Illegal Housing Schemes Tehsil, Taxila

Sr.No. Name of Scheme Location/ Mouza
1 Wapda Town Jando, Pandana
2 Faisal Town Jalala
3 Hydayat Town Bajjar
4 POF Co-operative Housing Society Katia
5 OGDC Housing Society Hakla
6 Rawalpindi Housing Society Pvt Ltd Jando, Pandana, Khurd
7 Engineer Co-operative Housing Society Piswal
8 Military Garden,Multi Professional Co-operative Housing Society Choker, Jando, Bhandana
9 PAF Fizaian Colony Wanni
10 Ministry of Commerce Employees Co-operative Housing Society Wanni
11 Gulshan-e-Sehat Health Co-operative Housing society Piswal, Wanni
12 Veteran Employees Co-operative Housing society Poor
13 Army Welfare Trust Housing Society Wanni,Poor, Paswani, Jando
14 Taxila Scheme 3 Jalala
15 Kashmir Town Gari Afghana
16 AWC Housing Scheme Niko
17 Al-Mamar Housing Scheme Jando
18 New City Housing Scheme
19 Rehbar Town UC Usman Block, Khattar
20 Kohsar Extension Pind Gondal,Serai Khola, Juggian
21 Ministry of Commerce Employees Co-operative Housing Society Fateh Jang Road-Taxila
22 AWT Housing Scheme Fateh Jang Road-Taxila
23 Ex-Service Men Housing Scheme Fateh Jang Road-Taxila
24 Manzar-e-Kohsar Taxila

List of Illegal Housing Schemes Tehsil, Gujar Khan

Sr.No. Name of Scheme Location / Mouza
1 Asian Cottage Private Housing Scheme Jhalyari
2 Telecom Enclave Private Housing Scheme Banth
3 Al-Haram City Phase 2 Jhalyari, Bhahi Khan
4 Account Group Officers Co-operative Housing Scheme Jhalyari, Bhahi Khan, Banth, Gujri
5 Al-Haram City Phase 2 Rahim block Sangori

List of  Under Process Housing Schemes with RDA In its Own Limits

Sr.No. Name of Scheme Location / Mouza
1. CBR Cooperative Scheme (Revised & Extension) Kot Kolian
2. The Avenue Nasrallah
3. Bahria Town Dhaghal Dhaghal
4. Hawk Eye Residencia Bagga Sheikhan

List of Under Process Housing Schemes with RDA in District Council(Old TMA Potohar Town Area), Tehsil Rawalpindi

Sr.No. Name of Scheme Location/ Mouza
1 Khanyal Homes (Under Process in RDA) Sehal/ Abtaal
2 Blue World (Under Process in RDA) Habtaal Sehal
3 Media Enclave (Under Process in RDA) Sehal/ Rajar
4 Islamabad Farm House Phase-1 (Under Process in RDA) Hoon Sharif
5 Royal Farm House (Under Process in RDA) Habtaal
6 Silver City (Under Process in RDA) Chakri Road
7 Imperial Garden (Under Process in RDA) Chakri Road
8 Ideal City (old name Gulshan-e-Farzand) (Under Process in RDA) Khasala Khurd, Adyala Road
9 Rawal Farm House (Under Process in RDA) Chakri Road
10 Marble Arch Enclave Housing Scheme (Up in RDA) Jattal Girja Road
11 Bin Alam City Gahi Syedan
12 Green Aoks Sehal & Habtaal
13 The Regents Farms Chakraan
14 Al-Mirage Garden Dehri Village

List of Under Process Housing Schemes with RDA within Tehsil Murree

Sr.No. Name of Scheme Location/ Mouza
1 Utility Corporative Housing Society Trait/Planning Permission by RDA/Case withheld
2 High Gate Hills Kathaar (Case Withheld)
3 Bahria Golf City Extension Area Manga/Expressway
4 Bahria Enclave 2,Partially Islamabad(case returned) Bobri Patha
5 Bahria Enclave 3 Khattar
6 OGDC Cooperative Housing Scheme Karlot

List of Under Process Housing Schemes with RDA Within Tehsil Taxila

Sr.No. Name of Scheme Location/ Mouza
1 Faisal Hills (Under Process in RDA) Pind Gondal, Syeda, Mohra Shahwali
2 Wah-Taxila Smart City (Under Process in RDA) Pind Gondal
3 Kohistan Enclave (Under Process in RDA) Sagra Brahama
4 Faisal Margalla City (Under Process in RDA) Dhoke Jando & Choker

List of Under Process Housing Schemes with RDA within Tehsil, Gujar Khan

Sr.No. Name of Scheme Location/ Mouza
1 Elegant City Nigahil Pahlwan

List of Under Process Housing Schemes with RDA within Tehsil Kotli Sattian

Sr.No. Name of Scheme Location/ Mouza
1 Lake Marina Kotli Sattian

Last Update : 6-March-2020


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