Lahore:  The budget for the upcoming Fiscal Year (2021-2022) will announce soon. This budget will highlight the development sector. The Federal Government will announce the budget in the first week of June. After the Federal Government announces the budget, The Punjab Government will announce its budget. The Provincial Government will declare its budget in the second week of June.

The Eid holidays of the Provincial Finance Ministry’s officials are canceled so that they can deliver the budget in time. Moreover, the postings of employees are restricted until the budget is announced to the assemblies. The Chief Minister of Punjab Sardar Usman Buzdar will present a report with reference to the increase in the salaries of provincial employees.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, focused on the development projects in an address to Government officials. Finance Minister, Tarin, announces the allocation of almost 900 billion rps for different development sectors. he added that it is only through the betterment of infrastructure that we can get employments upto40%. the increase in the development sector can help the country to get a better economy, according to Tarin.

He also said that everyone should take individual steps to control inflation. he added that before mentioned issues should have a special focus on the new budget. According to some sources, Prime Minister Imran Khan and the Government officials are working on a budget for the upcoming Fiscal Year with a view to fulfill public needs.

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