Cons of Buying Corner House

As location is the foremost thing to consider when buying house. Especially, in residential schemes, corner house is usually given more preference. Still, it is considered as an ideal place for investment & for living purpose as well. There are certain pros & cons of buying corner house.

In the previous blog, we have discussed the pros of buying a corner house. However, there are also certain setback of investing in such plots. Thus, today we have shortlisted the main & big cons of buying corner house.

Cons of Buying Corner House

Without further ado, let us discuss the cons of buying corner house:

  • Required more expense
  • Required more maintenance
  • Noise Pollution
  • Less Privacy & less security
  • More Taxes

Required more expense

Although corner plots comes up with benefits of occupying more space. But it also required more expense. As if you are building 2-faced house, then you need to spend more cost for proper finishing of both the faces. Common expenditures in this regard includes windows, doors, balconies, railings & other decorative items.

Required more maintenance

What if you enter in a lawn, it is all covered in crabgrass & other weeds. Grubs & pests coming out of dried leaves pile.

Of course, nobody likes such poorly maintained lawn. Usually the extra space of corner plot is converted in to big lawns. However, if not maintained properly, it is converted in to a messy land. Thus, you need some extra energy, finances & time in order to maintain it.

Noise Pollution

Since corner plots have 2 adjacent roads passing by. Thus, you always feel like standing in a piazza. Passing by motorcycles, cars & passengers always cause disturbance in your peaceful sleeps. Such houses are more prone to blaring car horns, especially if you are living near any such busy place.

Less Privacy & less security

People can see your house from quite distance due to 2 sides. It can allow neighbors & passers to peek in your house. It becomes more common if your house is adjacent to streets. Moreover, they are vulnerable to burglaries. As they are more reachable &d exposed as compared to neighboring houses. As thieves can enter either from front or side streets.

More Taxes

It is true that corner plots have more home value. However, when it comes to tariff, it also exposed to more taxes due to more net worth.

In conclusion, just like others, there are certain cons of buying a corner house. However, all of these factors may vary with the location of your home.




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