CDA resumes Anti-encroachment operation

Capital Development Authority (CDA) & Islamabad Capital Administration (ICT) resumes grand anti-encroachment operation in Fruit & Vegetable Market of Sector I-11, Islamabad. In lieu of prevailing Covid-19 pandemic, social distancing is crucial. Removing encroachments will help in avoiding the crowd.

Since, people use to visit Fruit & Vegetable markets on daily basis. Moreover, after lock down, the overall flow to these places increased more than ever before. Thus, maintaining social distance is now much important to refrain the spread of virus. In this operation, team members removed hand carts out of market as well. It will increase the empty space.

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In addition, in another operation, the Enforcement Directorate of the CDA razed over 140 shanty settlements/ mud huts of slum dwellers in Sector G-11/4.



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