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After the recent earthquake in Islamabad, Amer Ali Ahmed, the Chairman of the Capital Development Authority (CDA), directed an urgent assessment of buildings in the area to verify their structural soundness and ensure the safety of the public. The news of ‘After the earthquake, the CDA Chairman ordered an urgent building survey in Islamabad’ is an admirable initiative.

The 6.8-magnitude earthquake according to the Richter scale that affected Islamabad on March 22, 2023, resulted in widespread panic and structural damage to the city’s buildings. Further, no fatalities were recorded; however, there were several injuries and severe building damage.

A Comprehensive Building Survey in Islamabad

The CDA Chairman has instructed all responsible departments to immediately conduct a buildings survey in Islamabad. This survey will cover residential, commercial, and government structures, to evaluate their structural soundness and security in the wake of the earthquake. Moreover, a group of certified engineers and specialists will perform the survey. They will carefully examine each building to find any weaknesses or potential dangers.

Further, the Chairman (CDA) Noor ul Amin Mengal said, ‘They will recognize all damaged structures, especially those in Sector E-11’. He said that the building survey should begin instantly and also he makes it mandatory to complete the survey in 24 hours. Further, this action is following global best practices for earthquake-prone areas.

Moreover, Khudadad Heights and other buildings had a thorough assessment, according to Irfan Nawaz Memon.

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Identifying and Addressing Building Code Violations in Islamabad

The building survey will help to identify and address any building code violations that are commonly overlooked during construction in the city. As these violations can jeopardize the structural stability of buildings. Further, it will increase the risk of damage or collapse during an earthquake.

Ensuring Safety for All: A Collaborative Effort to Evaluate Buildings in Islamabad

DC Islamabad and the CDA will evaluate all the buildings to guarantee the population’s safety. Further, this initiative will aid in detecting any potential harm and ensure the safety of everyone in Islamabad. Moreover, it is a crucial step by CDA.In this regard, the citizens of Islamabad must extend their cooperation to the survey teams and facilitate access to their buildings for inspection. For further updates on ‘After the earthquake, the CDA Chairman ordered an urgent building survey in Islamabad’ stay tuned to RBS.



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