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Buying or selling a property involves a major monetary assessment & you should be well known about the paper work. Most of buyers & sellers prefer to hire a real estate agent as they do not have previous experience in real estate.

These agents know more about the paper work, about the area where you want to invest & many other things that could be hard to spot by you, so you have to look for an agent that could sell your property & can hunt a better property if you are a buyer.

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A good real estate agent could be hard to find as you hire them through a company & you barely know them. Unfortunately, the one you are relying upon could be a bad one in his job. He could make you frustrated instead of building a comfort level with you. Hiring a wrong one could make your real financial loss.

Especially, spotting a bad real agent could be very difficult, but this article can help you to spot & avoid them.

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You should deeply look upon these things when you are about to hire an agent. This would be helpful in finding them which will in turn help saving your time & mental health

Top 5 signs of wrong real estate agent are enlisted below:

  1. Bucket Full Of Attitude:

Although you have hired an agent to look upon the property matter but it does not give them license to be your boss.

The first thing you should notice about the real estate agent is that what their behavior towards your concern is, if they respect your time, concerns & money then you have made a good decision. But if one is harsh towards you & you are not comfortable with them & their attitude then it actually the right time to walk away.

There is no benefit is working with an unprofessional, who is consuming more time & showing less work.

  1. Poor Communication Skills:

One of the most important sign of good real estate agent is that he always keeps in touch with the client. On the other hand, a bad one gives you cold shoulder. Client calls & agent ignores client sends a message & their is no reply for a prolonged period. If this all is happening with you then you have hired a wrong one that could be problematic for you.

It is obvious that they cannot be available for you round the clock, but whatever the reason is they should at least contact with in few hours or should inform you.

Here the important question is that why you hired an agent, and answer of it is that you were unaware real estate work and you don’t know the process in detail. However, if you agent is unable to meet your desired needs then you should get rid of him as soon as possible to save your time & money.

  1. Lack of Respect Toward Your Concerns:

It is impossible for an agent to fulfill all your desires related to property but obviously he can listen to you & should give priority to what you want. It simply says that your agent is incompetent to his work if he acts like a boss & does not give you importance while making decision.

More frequently, if agent is not giving attention to what you say and what you want then it says that your decision of hiring this agent is wrong one.

  1. Pushovers:

You should aware yourself about the pressure tactics of a property agent that could result in money loss. If you feel that your agent is too desperate and pushy to buy or sell a house then its time to find a substitute.

Agent could make statements like that you cannot find a better options then this deal or you can’t get a better of your house then the proposed one. But, you should know that these are some tactics played by agent to finish the contract and to find another hunt.

However, you should have a dialogue with your agent in case of any problem because their small mistake can make your big loss.

  1. Worse Negotiator:

Your agent should have strong negotiating skills; it helps you from buying or selling a property to home inspection. Good debating skill of your agent can make a far better deal for you.

On the other hand hiring a bad negotiator will have an effect on important decision you have made. You can pay high for a low cost property or can accept too low at the end of contract.

If you believe that you falling out of all good contracts because of not professional attitude of your agent then you should make a good decision before it’s too late.



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