Direct Access from Motorway

Capital Smart CityEighteen & Top City-1 have applied for direct access from Motorway M2, according to National Highway Authority (NHA). These three housing societies have also submitted their respective deposit fees of PKR 5 Million in terms of processing fee. Furthermore, Capital Smart City will be building a interchange from Motorway M2 while Eighteen & Top City-1 will have an interchange on Motorway Line Road in Islamabad.

In May 2019, NHA allowed private entities to build designated interchanges on Motorway. However, policy will work under Public Sector Development Program (PSDP). Moreover, it also needs final approval from Federal Government of Pakistan as well. With effect of this policy, several other private entities will be eligible for building designated links from Motorway including:

  • Medical cities
  • Commercial hubs
  • Factory outlets
  • Theme parks

However, after 9 months, only three housing societies have applied for Direct Access from Motorway. On the other hand, as per news sources, there is a very minimum chance of approval as well. Moreover, it is further stated that there are plenty of other voids in this proposals.

Criteria Announced by NHA

NHA announced strict criteria. The salient guidelines are mentioned below:

  • An interchange must be built at a distance of 10 Kilometres
  • Developers have to attain NOC from NHA for interchange design
  • Developers must themselves provide land for the interchange.
  • Land for the interchange will be mutated on the name of NHA
  • Cost for construction of interchange will be bourne by applicant/project only
  • Once completed, its ownership will be transferred to NHA
  • NHA will be responsible for maintenance & management of the interchange
  • Toll Tax will be collected by NHA

Moreover, it is also stated that if maintenance or managing cost is higher than toll tax amount, then developers will compensate NHA. In addition, applicants must have specific area of land in order to build the interchange. It is described as below:

  • Housing schemes cover 4000 Kanals area
  • Educational/Medical cities cover 2000 Kanals area
  • Industrial/Factory outlets cover 2800 Kanals area
  • Theme Parks cover 1600 Kanals area



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