Smart Villas

Real Estate Industry of Pakistan is now advancing towards Smart Concept. In Capital Smart City, it is believe that Smart is the ideal way to live. Bleeding edge technology is being incorporated in the development of this project. To be exact, “Smart Villas” is the certainly exemplary project. If you are wondering what these Smart Villas are, let me guide you about the basics of this modern residential option

What are Smart Villas?

Smart Villas are basically Smart Home. It is certainly based on home automation process.  In other words, we can say that your home is entirely under your control via your smart phone. Smart Villas are ideal for those who are looking for complete convenience. It allows you tension-free automation of home.

What Smart Villas does?

These smart homes entirely control and automate each and everything in your home. It varies from light, Ac, windows, appliances and every other possible things. Due to its ultimate benefits and conveniences, it is dream of every other individual. As it allows you to manage your home devices remotely.

What it offers?

What it’s not. Smart Villas actually makes your day-to-day life tasks easy. It guarantees you stress-free life. Here are the salient features of Smart Villas.

Smart Lights

Smart lights will give you opportunity to turn on and off lights without getting out of your bed. You can now manage them via your mobile device. Even it allows you to set the intensity as well.

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Smart Thermostats

Automated central HVAC system maintain the temperature inside the house itself.

Smart Locks

Not just comfort but these villas also ensures security to maximum level. That’s how these smart locks work

  • You can open and close them remotely
  • It will detect intrusions
  • The sensory locks will give warning alert on your particular device

Furthermore, if it rains and you forgot the windows open, you don’t have to rush from office. These smart windows and doors will automatically closed themselves.

Smart Cameras

Your lawn, garage and entire house are surveillance by CCTV cameras. In addition, the monitoring screens are connected to smart phone in your pocket.

Apart from all of these, smart magic box have compete commands over all the appliances. It’s a one-stop remote control of every electronic machine in your home. presently, its the most famous and prime project started in Capital Smart City till now.


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