Serenity Heights Apartment project launched in Kalam

Kalam: Nestled within the captivating landscapes of Kalam, an extraordinary opportunity awaits. Serenity Heights, where the allure of tranquil living merges with the potential for rewarding returns, invites you to explore a sanctuary that goes beyond the notion of just a home. Nestled along the picturesque Nabal Kas Road, this project benefits from a strategic position that not only harnesses the unparalleled natural splendor of the valley but also ensures convenient access to urban amenities. Serenity Heights introduces an intricately curated assortment of exquisitely fashioned residential apartments, meticulously designed to cater to the contemporary inclinations of both residents and holidaymakers.

Serenity Heights Overview

YOUR PEACEFUL RETREAT Encompassing a vast expanse of 17 kanals, Serenity Heights redefines vertical living in Kalam. The development offers an array of residential apartments, encompassing 1 and 2-bedroom units as well as serviced apartments. Each unit presents an exclusive vantage point to behold the remarkable environs, ensuring that every day serves as a reminder of the majestic splendor enveloping the valley. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of the surroundings while indulging in the convenience of thoughtfully incorporated amenities. From a rooftop restaurant providing panoramic vistas to a fully equipped gym and indoor gaming facilities for leisurely moments, Serenity Heights establishes a haven of repose.

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Amid Kalam’s Marvels

AMIDST KALAM’S MARVELS The strategic location of Serenity Heights guarantees that inhabitants can submerge themselves in Kalam’s stunning panoramas while enjoying effortless access to essential services and popular attractions. Residents enjoy proximity to the PTDC Hotel, Kalam Hospital, and the convenience of Kalam Bazar just moments away by drive. Nature enthusiasts can explore the nearby Ushu Forest, and the accessibility of Mahodand Lake and Kandol Lake adds to the allure. Positioned 60 kilometers from both Mingora City and Bahrain, this project strikes a harmonious equilibrium between natural tranquility and urban convenience.

Invest for Peaceful Lifestyle & Attractive Profits

INVEST FOR TRANQUIL LIVING & PROMISING RETURNS Investing in Serenity Heights ushers in both serenity and profitability. With its strategic setting within Kalam’s captivating embrace, modern amenities, and an anticipated 20% increase in capital value within 1-2 years, it presents a golden opportunity for investors seeking a fusion of serene living and lucrative gains within a harmonious package.

Offering the flexibility of a 60-month payment plan and possession within 36 months, it presents not just a living space, but a lifestyle that harmonizes with the beauty of Kalam Valley.

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How to Book a Unit?

HOW TO RESERVE A UNIT AT SERENITY HEIGHTS? stands as the exclusive marketing and sales partner for Serenity Heights, ensuring you have comprehensive information for a well-informed decision. To secure your place within this remarkable venture or to delve deeper into its offerings, reach out to us by completing the inquiry form or by clicking on the available WhatsApp icon on this page.

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