Paradise Enclave

Paradise Enclave:

Paradise Enclave is an upcoming project near Thalian Interchange. It can be easily accessed by many routes. This is a mixture of both residential and commercial activities. Both of them will be of great importance because of the location. It is a leading project of twin cities. It is a project for all strata. There is a wide range of both commercial and residential activities which makes it easier for investors to invest as per their convenience. It is a pocket-friendly and easily affordable project. 

It also offers a golden opportunity for the ones who want to shift to the capital or want to buy their own space here. The aim of this project is to provide a high-standard living experience with a smart eco-sustainable environment at an economical rate. 

Paradise Enclave Master Plan:

The master plan of Paradise Enclave is based on both commercial and residential plots. The residential plots are available in five types of different cuttings that are 4 Marla (25 x 40), 5 Marla (26 x 50), 7 Marla (30 x 60), 10 Marla (35 x 70), and 1 Kanal (50 x 90). 

This location will also be the hub of future business. Paradise Enclave is open from 3 sides which means it will be attached to the main road from three sides. 

It will be fully equipped with commercial and residential activities. They have designed the project by keeping in view the laws and rules of the government. The developers of Paradise Enclave aim to bring the international standard of living to the capital in a budget-friendly manner. 

Paradise Enclave Location:

Paradise Enclave is located in a prime location near Thallian Interchange. Many points can be easily accessible through this project. One thing about this city that carries a positive aspect is that it is on a location through which both Rawalpindi and Islamabad can be easily accessible. It is not that if someone is living in the city he will only be able to access only one city conveniently. Some of the main points near Paradise Enclave include New Islamabad International Airport, Thalian Interchange, CBR-II Cooperative Housing Society, ICT Sector I 16, Saddar Rawalpindi, Islamabad Lahore Motorway M 2, and Islamabad Peshawar Motorway M 1. Thalian Interchange is just 3 KM away, Chakri Road is 2.5 Km away, Ring Road will have a drive of just 2 Km. Similarly, New Islamabad International Airport is 10 Km away. 

The location of this project carries great significance as it is near Thalian Interchange, CPEC, and Ring Road. All these will act as a gamechanger after the completion of the CPEC project. 

Paradise Enclave Amenities:

The amenities of any project are one of the most important aspects. It helps the investor to decide whether he should invest his money or not. This project also carries such amenities that are breathtaking and make other people invest in the Paradise Enclave. It carries all the features and amenities that should be a part of a project. It has everything from a 24/7 water supply to high-rise buildings. Moreover, there will be wide, open and airy parks. There will be mosques with a great capacity. 


The security of the company is also made sure. There will be a proper check and balance of everything. The record will also be kept to make sure that who came and who leaves.  Residents will also have 24/7 camera security surveillance. 


The education system for the students is under serious considerations. The developers focused to provide high-quality education with highly qualified staff that will focus on the concepts of students rather than cramming the stuff. 


Proper supply of electricity is one of the most important issues of every Pakistani. Everyone wants to have a smooth connection to electricity. It is of great concern to the developers. So, they have made sure the proper suppliance of electricity. 


There will also be gas in the Paradise Enclave. It will be 24/7 provided to the residents of this city without any kind of load shedding. 

Wide Roads:

Wide roads are one of the main characteristics of Paradise Enclave. There will not even a single road that will be narrow or congested. Furthermore, this whole city is designed in a way to avoid heavy traffic jams and rush. 

Community Halls:

There will be proper community halls in the Paradise Enclave. They will be used widely for the betterment of the residents of the community. There will be proper surveillance and look after of every single thing in this community. Moreover, its presence will also help to boost up the economic and social activities. 

High Rise Premises:

Paradise Enclave will also have high-rise promises which include flats, apartments, malls, and offices. These high-rise buildings will enhance the beauty of this project. Nature is surrounding the whole city. So, a high-rise building will also provide beautiful, breathtaking, and serene views. 


The developers of this project are Aura Developers. They have delivered all their committed projects on time. They did not delay even a single project. Moreover, they have great credibility and trust in the market. 


This project is in its pre-launching stage. They are working to get the No Objection Certificate. They will get that soon. 

Paradise Enclave Price Plan:

The price plan of this project is quite simple. It is a project that focuses on all strata. So, this is a very budget-friendly project. 

The price varies according to the plot cuttings that are available in Paradise Enclave. Following is the price plan of this project:

Size Booking Confirmation Monthly Half Yearly Total
4 Marla (25 x 40) 160,000 138,000 11,200 x 48 32,000 x 7 1,059,600
5 Marla (25 x 50) 195,000 176,000 13,300 x 48 41,500 x 7 1,299,000
7 Marla (30 x 60) 378,000 181,000 19,000 x 48 51,000 x 7 1,828,000
10 Marla (35 x 70) 390,000 259,000 27,700 x 48 75,000 x 7 2,503,600
1 Kanal (50 x 90) 912,000 357,000 53,500 x 48 115,000 x 7 4,642,000

Development Status:

Paradise Enclave emerges as a promising residential venture, poised to redefine modern living. With meticulous planning and attention to detail, this enclave is rapidly transforming into a vibrant community. The development status paints a picture of progress and innovation, with infrastructure and amenities taking shape to offer residents a comfortable and convenient lifestyle.

Booking Procedure:

Securing a place in Paradise Enclave is a seamless process designed to accommodate potential residents’ needs. The booking procedure is user-friendly, allowing interested individuals to easily reserve their spot within this thriving community. By providing accessible booking options and transparent guidelines, Paradise Enclave ensures a hassle-free experience for those eager to become part of this visionary project.

Ammanat’s Expert Opinion:

Ammanat, renowned for its expertise in real estate, offers an insightful perspective on Paradise Enclave. With a keen eye for quality and potential, Ammanat highlights the exceptional features that make this enclave stand out. Their expert opinion provides potential residents with valuable insights, allowing them to make informed decisions about investing in a future that Paradise Enclave promises to deliver – a modern haven designed for comfort, convenience, and community living.



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